The Richard Bauman

ILAM Synopsis Project

NEW!  September 23rd, 2002


Californian Richard "Bear" Bauman has been a fan of I Love A Mystery all his life, having the good fortune to be able to listen the entirety of the MBS run.

Rediscovering this beloved series later in his life, he not only struck up a friendship with Carlton E. Morse (before Mr. Morse died in 1993), but he also completed a personal project to create synopses of all the ILAM scripts held in the Special Collection's Dept of Stanford University Library over the last decade.  In total, he finished synopses of close to 40  (yes, close to forty) ILAM stories!

I have been extraordinarily fortunate to not only gain contact with Richard, but he has graciously granted me permission to post all his ILAM synopses here.  As my own efforts have been hijacked by work and educational committments, Richard's offer to share his incredible efforts is more than welcome, and I'm sure each and everyone here will appreciate his hard work.

As time permits, I'll eventually post all his wonderful synopses. I hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I did.


Note: Unlike the earlier  "I Love A Mystery" synopses into three different parts, each composed of 5 episodes, or about one week's worth of story as it would have originally aired. For Richard Bauman's more compact synopses, I'll be doing each complete story as one indivividual page.

1. The Roxy Gangsters

January 16th to February 2nd, 1939

Episodes #1 - #15

2. Trouble At Sea

February 3rd to February 20th, 1939

 Episodes #15 - #30


3. Case of the Nevada Cougar

February 27th to March 31st, 1939

Episodes #31 - #55

4. Mystery of the Lazy K Ranch

(aka Who Shot Gregory Marks?)

(aka Turn of the Wheel)

April 3rd to April 26th, 1939.

Episodes #56 - #75

5. Strange Affair at Sandy Springs Sanitarium

May 1st to  22nd, 1939

Episodes #76 - #91

6. The Texas Border Smugglers (aka Escapade of the Desert Hag

May 23rd  to  June 6th, 1939

Episodes #92 - #105

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