The Ages of Jack, Doc and Reggie

A poster on Charlie Summer's ILAM Phorum had a very nice review of the first B&W ILAM movie. There was the suggestion of surprise with the ages of Jack and Doc in the movie. Perhaps I can clarify this.

From some of Mr. Morse's other writings, his initial concept of the three comrades were as follows:

Jack was the oldest of the trio, being about 37 years of age, and is supposed to be a Nebraskan native.

Doc was somewhat younger, about 30 years in age. Morse had toyed with making him a Bangor, Maine native, but changed his mind at the last minute, making him the red-headed Texan we know and love.

Reggie York was the baby of the outfit, about 24 years of age by the first ILAM story. Originally he was a Canadian from Montreal, but somewhere along the way he became identified as being an Englishman.

In my opinion, the lead of the actor playing Jack in the ILAM film (and the ILAM TV pilot, too) is much too young; conversely, Barton Yarborough is just a little long in the tooth for girl chasing. In the ILAM recreation of "TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES", Doc sounds even older than Jack (and comes across a little like a dirty old man when he talks about making love to to the Vampire High-Priestess, Angelina).

The ILAM comic strip, penned by Don Sherwood back in the 1960s (can anyone help me track these down?), is the most accurate visual depiction so far of Morse's original concept of his famous threesome from ILAM. His portrayal of Jack in particular bears a strong resemblance to Michael Raffetto (please see his photo in the ILAM Gallery Page) with his moustache and pipe.

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