Mystery of the Lazy K Ranch

(aka Who Shot Gregory  Marks?)
(aka Turn of the Wheel)


Synopsis created by
Richard Bauman
December 7, 1992


Jack Packard    Michael Raffetto
Doc Long    Barton Yarborough
Reggie York Walter Paterson
Lita Anderson, Franklyn Anderson, Marcia
Lefty, Brophy, Ossie
Mary Stuart, Ma Olson
 Flake & Scotty

Episode 56  -  April 3, 1939        4 pm

The party is at the Reno Airport.  Sheriff Morton has taken the prisoners off.  The comrades are saying goodbye to Anderson and the girls, rescued off of the "Lady Mary".  Doc gets Marcia off by herself for a short walk.  Anderson has made them an offer to trouble shoot for him all over the West, but Jack has said no.  They like to move around too much.  Lita works on Reggie a little and embarasses the kid.  He takes off.  Lita also asks Jack if he has been married.  He tells her, "You shouldn't ask."  Doc is busy romancing Marcia and she gives him a big kiss.  It is a reward and goodbye.  Doc is ready for more, but Marcia has to run to catch the plane.  They barely arrive in time.

The plane takes off, Reggie returns, and Doc goes on about how Marcia is the sweetest girl in the world.  Reggie chimes in with, "Until the next one comes along."  Doc argues about this, but spots a cute blond heading into the waiting room.  Jack muses, "One afraid of girls and one can't leave them alone!"

They go to their car which Anderson has given them so they can get around.  Naturally Doc wants to drive.They are off to see Gregory Marks who is at the Lazy K, about 50 miles out of town;  Sheriff Morton had previously told them he is looking to hire folks just like the three comrades.  Doc tells them they will be there in 45 minutes.  Jack tells him no way.  Drive at 50 mph so you don't kill us all.

Jack has done a little checking on Marks and he has found he is supposed to be a tough customer.

Episode 57  -  April 4, 1939        5 pm

The boys are on the way to the Lazy K Dude Ranch.  Jack wants Doc to stop the car because he is driving so crazily.  Doc promises to keep it down.  He says the big, new car just keeps getting away from him.

They stop at a road house for directions.  Doc wants some pie.  Jack tells them that he will do the talking.  They walk in and Doc says, "Not much of a dump if you ask me."  An old woman, known as "Ma," behind the counter responds, "Who asked you!"  Doc asks for pie and she shows him a piece.  Doc says that can't possibly be pie and they hastle over it.

Jack asks for someplace to stay and she tells them to go to Reno.  They tell her they just came from there and would like some place local.  She suggests the Lazy K.  They order three bottles of warm lemon pop, which is about all they have to drink.  They try to get directions from Ma, who gets insulted and calls, "Ossie!"

A tough looking man comes out  and she complains to him that Doc won't eat her pie.  Ossie admits that the dog wouldn't eat it either.  Ossie gives them directions to the ranch.  He walks them out to their car.  Jack insists on driving, over Docs objections.  They leave and discuss the road house and the characters there.  Jack points out that good old Ma had a holster under her apron.  In addition, there was a man watching them at the back window, with a rifle.

They find the road that Ossie told them about.  It looks unused.  Doc wants to know why they are taking it.  Jack is curious.  They think that Ossie may be planning to dry gulch them.

They come to a sharp curve and rifle shots ring out.  Brakes scream and they pile out and get down.  Doc says, "Now we're in a mess!"

Episode 58  -  April 5, 1939        5 pm

The boys are behind a friendly boulder with bullets whizzing around them.  They think that they have been ambushed by someone who wants their new car.  Doc says that it is just like fuedin where he comes from.  The men blaze away at each other until evening and then they all go home for dinner and start up again the next day.

Some shots start coming from a new angle making there position much more hazardous.  Jack decides he can make it to the gulley behind them and then circle the shooters.  Reg tries the old hat on the stick trick to distract them for a moment and Jack makes it to the gulley.  Doc and Reggie try to make themselves as small as possible and wait for Jack.

After a while they hear a two-shot signal meaning Jack got one.  While they wait Doc talks about his favorite subject, "wimmin."  He thinks fighting for their honor is just about the best thing in the world.

Jack arrives.  He has made Ossie carry his unconscious pal down the hill.  They talk with Ossie.  Doc is ready to fight him with fists.  Ossie admits he would have shot them and dumped their bodies down a ravine.  His friend is "Snowflake," "Flake" for short, so named because he was born in a snow storm.

They tie both men up, load them in the car and head for the Lazy K.

Episode 59  -  April 6, 1939        6 pm

The boys are 50 miles from Reno at the Lazy K Dude Ranch to meet Gregory Marks.  They roll up to the big farm house that serves as the center of activity.  However, no reception partly appears.

Jack finally goes to check up.  First he takes Doc aside and cautions him about his big mouth as he almost said something about Marks in front of Ossie.  Doc and Reggie talk to Ossie.  They thought that he wanted their car, but he tells them that he wanted them.  Either for ransom or for their money.

About this time, Doc spots a good-looking,  red-headed cowgirl.  She seems to be  running from a man and it is Doc to the rescue.  The girl Mary, is being pursued by Brophy.  She tells him to leave her alone or she will leave the Lazy K.  Doc arrives and Brophy threatens him.  Mary warns Doc that Brophy is carrying a gun.  Brophy draws and Doc decks him just as he fires a shot.

Mary tells Doc that he shouldn't have done it.  Doc introduces himself.  Mary is surprised to find that Doc doesn't know who Brophy is.  Jack arrives, warned by the shot.  He is introduced to Mary Stuart and asks who the man is.  She tells them he is John Brophy, Marks right-hand man.

Now they are in a mess.  Jack chews Doc out for getting involved.  He questions Mary in an unfriendly manner and she bridles.  She heads back to the hotel,  but tells Doc that she will see him tomorrow.  The boys return to the car to find Reggie knocked out and their prisoners long gone.

Episode 60  -  April 7, 1939        9 pm

Jack, Doc and Reggie are in their cabin at the Lazy K.  Reggie is feeling rocky after the rap on the head he received.  Jack wonders why anyone at the ranch would have hit him and concludes Ossie and Flake must work for Marks.  Jack tells Reggie that crazy Doc has gotten them in the soup by socking Marks right-hand man.

They discuss the Lazy K and Doc claims he can smell trouble.  Of course, he is also interested in the red-head, Mary.

There is a knock at the door and they open to find Mary.  They introduce her to Reggie and Doc is all over her.  She warns them that Doc has really started trouble by knocking out Brophy.  She heard him telling three of the bouncers from the casino to go over and clean them out.  Jack acts very suspicious of Mary and is indifferent to her warning.  She is  insistent that they need to leave at once.  They test her a little by asking her if she will come with them, but she refuses.  They tell  her they simply aren't going to run out and she leaves in frustration.

Jack is convinced that she is, "a little, double-crossing, no-count female."  Jack thinks that the plan is that she try to get rid of them and if that doesn't work they send in the bouncers.  They ask Reggie if he is up to a little scuffle?  He claims he has recovered and is ready to mix it up.

They hear a sound on the porch and the door is thrown open to reveal the bouncers.  The boys banter with them about Brophy.  Then they bet among themselves as to who will get the first knockout and pick out their opponents.

The fight starts and Reggie is the first to floor his man, followed by Jack and finally Doc.  They each pay Reg the $2 and dump the unconscious bouncers  out on the porch.

Episode 61  -  April 10, 1939        10 pm

With the bouncers disposed of the boys think about going to bed for the night.  They wonder what will happen next.

There is another knock on their door and it is Ossie.  They are amazed he would show up.  He wants to come in and talk and isn't a bit worried.

He tells them he has friends at the Lazy K who will take care of him.  Ossie wants to feel Reggie's muscle.  Jack points out that if Ossie has the run of the Lazy K, the rest of the people their can't be much better.  Ossie agrees to this and admits he is a bad one.  He also admits that he would shoot them down if he could, simply to finish what he started.  Doc tries to point out that they are even, but Ossie isn't sure.  He tells them he will think about that and let them know later.  He leaves.

Jack thinks Ossie is as dangerous as a black panther he saw once.  The cat would rub up against the bars and try to lure someone to come and pet him.  Then he would lash out with his claws.

They discuss there situation.  Suddenly there are shots and their window shatters.  They hit the deck and put out the light.

Doc tries to peek out, but that draws more fire.  They realize that they got the girl, then the bouncers, then Ossie and now hot lead.  Someone really wants them out.

The rifle fire continues and their attackers begin to shoot through the thin walls to get them.

Episode 62  -  April 11, 1939        10 pm

The boys have become three targets in a shooting gallery.  They crawl to the back of the cabin and find that it backs up to a ravine.  They open the single window and find there is a 20 foot drop down a steep slope, dotted with a few bushes.

Jack decides it is their only escape.  Jack goes first.  Doc swings out but can't let go and asks Reggie to pry his fingers loose.  He does and is the last out.  They all land safely, missing some pieces of skin and with some new bruises.

They head up the ravine while shots continue to ring out above.  They talk about the casino and Doc brags about his gambling skill.  Jack thinks they have told the customers at the casino that they have some criminals cornered and are shooting it out with them.  T

hey hear someone coming and encounter Mary.  She is amazed to see them, thinking they were in the cabin.  Jack challenges her concern for them.

She explains she works at the ranch as the checker and cigarette girl.  She has never seen Marks and gets all her orders from Brophy.  She wants to leave, but Jack sits her down and details Reggie to watch her, while he and Doc go to the casino.

Episode 63  -  April 12, 1939        11 pm

Jack and Doc approach the Lazy K Casino and enter.  There are no guests at the tables.

Doc tries the roulette wheel and asks why no one is there.  The croupier says that "the boys have three criminals cornered."  Doc wins small bets twice, basically come-on wins, encouraging him to bet larger amounts.  Doc explains his gambling practice to the croupier and they move on with the come-on winnings.

They notice the croupiers gathering together, talking and looking at them.  Mary arrives and tells them that she kissed Reggie and he let her go.  Jack grabs her, knowing this is a lie.

They start to leave with Mary in tow when Ossie arrives.  The croupiers are heading in their direction with drawn guns.  Ossie sends them back to their tables.  He asks them where they plan to go?

Doc hastles him about trying to shoot them in their cabin.  Ossie thinks this is just good clean fun and after all, they didn't get hit!

Jack asks where the rest of the men are and Ossie explains that they are out searching the country-side for them.  They try to leave and Ossie pulls a gun on them.  Doc tells him he can take it away from him.  Jack uses the old, "Look at the door!" trick and Doc knocks out Ossie.

At this point some cowboys begin to come in the main door so they grab Mary, pick up Ossie and go out a window.

Episode 64  -  April 13, 1939        11 pm

The boys loose the cowboys in the dark even burdened with Mary and Ossie.  They need a place to hide out.  Mary tells them about the vegetable cellar behind the ranch.

As they head that way, Doc romances Mary.  They reach the cellar-storehouse and enter.  With the door closed they risk the light.  They find it is a tunnel going down lined with foodstuffs and canned goods.  They go down to the end of the tunnel and drop Ossie.

They pull up boxes and begin to talk with Mary.  Jack notices that Ossie is playing possum and is slowly moving closer so he can hear them.

They keep an eye on him and Jack questions Mary.  He asks her if she is in trouble?  She claims that she isn't.  They ask what happened to Reggie?  She says she doesn't know.

Jack is sure Marks men have Reggie.  Mary whispers to them that they have him in the bunk house.  They see Ossie getting closer so decide to end his game.  They put on an act for him and threaten Mary about Reggie's location.  They pretend to check Ossie and decide a good kick in the face should bring him around.  He "comes to."

They talk with him and ask him about Marks.  Apparently no one has seen him but Brophy.  Jack tells him that someone sent them to see Marks, so he must exist.  Ossie wants to know what they will do with him and  Mary.  They suggest that they might trade them for Reggie.  They hear someone coming and get the light turned out.

Episode 65  -  April 14, 1939        11 pm

The boys tie and gag Ossie and Mary.  Doc whispers to her that they can't let Ossie think she is cooperating with them.

They plan what to do in this spot.  The door opens and they hide.  The light is turned on and they see it is "Ma."  They get the drop on her and take her gun.

Jack asks her what she is doing there.  She is looking for Ossie.  Doc drags him over and takes off his gag.  Ma chews him out for getting captured.  They banter with Ossie and Ma and talk about holding them for the cops.  Ossie asks them if they are cops?  Jack refuses to tell him now.

They tie up Ma and talk about trading her for Reggie.  They hide Ma and Ossie and set out to find Reggie.

Episode 66  -  April 17, 1939        2 am

Jack and Doc are attempting to locate the bunk house to rescue Reggie.  They hear a horse whinney and wonder what has become of their car.  After they get Reggie they need to locate Marks.  They decide the best way may be to wring it out of Brophy.

They cut through some trees with Doc impulsively in the lead.  Splash!  Doc has fallen into a small lake.  Jack teases him, pulls him out and they wring out his clothes.

Jack hears someone coming and they see three men with a lantern approaching down a path.  They hear one say, "Brophy said, keep looking for them."  Doc can't stifle a sneeze and the men hear him and approach.

They jump out and knock out all three.  They tie them up and roll them under some bushes.  They move on toward the bunk house.  They see another man coming and Doc goes up to him.  When the man pulls a gun, Doc knocks him out.  They tie him and put him in a gulley.

Doc leads off again and "splash," he falls into the lake again.

Episode 67  -  April 18, 1939        3 am

Doc is all wet again.  After they fish him out they head for the bunk house again.

They see the lights through the trees and plan their attack.  Doc wants Jack to lead now, in case the lake is following them.  As they move along he path, a man's voice says, "Put em up!"

Lefty and Scotty take their guns and plan to march them to Brophy.  They go along the lake with Doc chattering at them as they go.  Without much trouble the  boys turn the tables on them and shove them into the lake.  Lefty gets knocked out by a rock and Scotty holds him up.

They pull the pair out and tie them and now they have nine members of the gang trussed.  They move on and sneak up to the bunk house.  They look through a window, but find no one there.  The conclude Reggie has been taken elsewhere.  Before they leave they go in and check out the bunk house.  They count 18 bunks.

Jack glances out a window and spots men coming with guns.  They douse the light and the shooting starts.

Episode 68  -  April 19, 1939        3 am

Bullets fly.   Jack and Doc decide there is only one way out.  They must scale the chimney of the huge fireplace in the room.

Jack takes the lead.  Though sooty, the footing is good and the boys reach the roof.  Unfortunately, they can't reach the big oak next to the house from their perch.  So, they get out of their pants, tie them together and tie them to the lightning rod.

Jack moves down the roof until he can reach a large branch and climbs on.  Doc follows but the pants tear and Doc slides off the roof and crashes to the ground.  Jack climbs down and finds that Doc has landed in a pile of leaves and branches and is just out of breath.

They need pants so they sneak up on two men in back shooting into the house and stick them up.  They march them back into the trees and relieve them of their pants.  They begin to tie them up and ask them where Brophy is.

Suddenly they hear someone say, "So you want to know where Brophy is?  Don't move, you're covered!"

Episode 69  -  April 20, 1939        4 am

Brophy has the drop on them and forces Jack and Doc to lay down.

He unties his men and chews them out and tells them they can't have their pants back.  He asks Jack about their escapes.  They tell him about the chimney.  The boys are marched down a trail.

Along the way, Doc hastles Stubby and Olson about not having their pants.  They ask Brophy about Marks, but to no avail.  Olson still wants his pants, but Brophy says forget it.

Stubby and Brophy also quarrel.  It is clear that Brophy is not  to popular with him men.  Jack asks where Ossie fits it?  The men admit to Brophy that they haven't been able to find Ossie or Ma.  Jack tells Brophy they are his prisoners, as well as Mary.

Brophy threatens that this does it, they won't leave the Lazy K alive.  Doc teases him about Mary and says it is no wonder Mary doesn't like a man with such an ugly face.  Brophy decides to kill Doc right then and there.  He starts to shoot and a shot rings out.

Olson has shot Brophy in the hand.  He doesn't want to be a party to murder,  but he still won't release them.

Episode 70  -  April 21, 1939        4 am

We find the boys, still prisoners, in the big living room of Brophy's headquarters.  Brophy orders his men to take them to the cellar with Reggie.

Jack works on Brophy and tells him his hand is bad.  He says he better treat it because the nearest doctor is in Reno, and he could lose it, if it remains untreated that long.  Stubby is sent to get the rest of the gang.  Jack is released to go to work.

He tells Brophy that he may lose a couple of fingers and that he better see a surgeon as soon as possible.  Jack has a pail of hot water brought, pours a bottle of iodine into it and plunges Brophy's hand in.  Brophy groans and curses and almost passes out.  Next Jack puts Brophy's hand into flour to stop the bleeding.  He wraps the hand in clean cloth and tells him he had better get to Reno.

Brophy orders Jack tied again, but in all the activity, Jack has picked up Brophy's gun.  He disarms Olson, releases Doc and they tie the men's hands.  They take them to the basement and find three rooms, all locked.

Brophy won't help them so they take his keys and start to check the first room.  Brophy suddenly become cooperative and tells them Reggie is in the third room.

They decide they better check the first room and open it.  "Lookee here!"

Episode 71  -  April 24, 1939        5 am

Jack and Doc have opened a room in Brophy's basement and find that it is filled with loot!  Coats, pictures, jewelry and other items are there.

Jack says that they will tell the sheriff about this.  Brophy says that isn't likely, have they noticed that Olson is gone.  Doc was supposed to be watching Olson.

They let Reggie out and lock Brophy in the same room.  Jack tells him his hand will be alright until they corral the rest of the gang.  They run up stairs and Jack gets on the phone and calls the sheriff to ask for help.

They run out of the house, down the path a ways and climb a large oak.  They want to let the gang surround the house and then take them from the rear.

A man  passes by below and when no one else appears they climb down and follow.  Doc and Reggie sneak up and knock the man out.  Jack has been scouting around the house and signals them with a "dove" call.  They find another man and take him out of action.  Jack has gone on and located two more men and they suffer the same fate.

Suddenly they notice through the trees that the house is on fire.  Brophy is still in the basement!

Episode 72  -  April 25, 1939        5 am

Jack thinks that Brophy's men are trying to burn them out of the house.  Jack plans to go in after Brophy while Doc and Reggie shoot their guns and create a distraction.

Instead Doc races ahead and makes the house with Jack and Reggie providing the cover.  Doc makes it to the basement but discovers that Jack has Brophy's keys.  He realizes he can't break down the heavy door, so he picks the lock.  They run upstairs and have to run through some flames to make it out.

Out in the open  air, someone shoots at them.  Doc thinks Brophy's men have turned on him.  They run for it and Brophy is fit.  They reach Reggie and Jack, but  Brophy has been mortally wounded and dies.

They hold a quick council of war and head toward the storage building where they have stashed Mary, Ossie and Ma.  They hear someone coming along the path and discover Mary.  Ossie got free and untied her.  She says she has come to warn them that Ossie will shoot them on sight.

Ossie appears with blood in his eye...

Episode 73  -  April 26, 1939        6 am

Ossie has the drop on the group.  He challenges Mary as to why she has put in with Jack, Doc and Reggie.  He thinks it is because she was afraid of Brophy.  He tells her that all she ever had to do was tell him and he would stop Brophy.  He wants to know if she is in love with Doc before he kills her?  He thinks that Brophy and his men will be along soon.

Doc tells him that Brophy is dead.  Ossie feels this gives him another reason to kill them.  Jack explains that they didn't do it, his own men shot him.  Ossie says that they will see when his men come along.  Jack says don't expect a lot, as they have ten tied up in the bushes in various places.  He also tells Ossie about the fire and that the loot has been burned up.

Ossie is really upset and becomes more so when the boys start telling him that the three of them are going to jump him and that he can't get all three at once.  They get Mary to hold some fingers behind her back so they can gamble over who gets to jump first.  Doc guesses right and leaps at Ossie.  A shot rings out and Doc falls.

However, Jack and Reggie knock out Ossie.  Doc is shot but still breathing.

Jack tells them he is hit in the chest but his lung was missed.  Jack stops the bleeding with Mary's slip, which they have to tear off of her to break the straps.  They plan to rig a stretcher to move Doc when a voice tells them, "Don't move your covered!"

Episode 74  -  April 27, 1939        6 am

Flake, Olson and some other men have come along the path and caught the boys off guard.

Jack tells them that Ossie shot Doc.  Mary claims she gave Ossie the gun, pretending she is on Ossie's side.

Jack and Reggie are bound.  Jack tells them that they have ten of their gang tied and hid out where they will never find them and they could starve to death.  Flake thinks that is great as there will be less to split the loot.  Jack says too bad, the loot has been burned up.  Flake goes to check Ossie, as Ossie supposedly knows where the loot is.

Jack whispers to Mary to scram before Ossie comes around and to tell Flake she  must go and reassure the guests.  Then send the posse to them when it arrives.  She talks to Flake and he buys Mary's story.  She heads up the trail and Reggie tries to talk Flake into a fist fight, two men against him.

Flake tells Olson to stand the boys against a tree.  Jack and Reggie are to be shot!

Jack tries to enlist Olson's aid  as he saved Doc before.  Olson challenges Flake, but Flake and the other men are ready to gun the boys down.

The Sheriff arrives in the nick of time.  Flake tries to resist and is shot down.

Fortunately, the Sheriff has a Doctor along, but the physician doesn't know if he is  going to be able to save Doc...

Episode 75  -  April 28, 1939        6 am

Doc has been rushed to a sanitorium for a blood transfusion and other attention, in an attempt to save his life.  Jack and Reggie talk to the Sheriff.

The Sheriff thinks Doc will be all right.  He thinks scrawny Texans are tough to kill.  He has been taken to Sandy Springs Sanitorium, about 35 miles away.

Jack tells the Sheriff where the other 11 gang members have been stashed and that Brophy is dead.  He also fills him in on the loot and the fire.  The  Sheriff sends two deputies to check this out.  The Sheriff has caught Ma.

They head back to the ranch.  Jack explains that Sheriff Morton sent them to help Gregory Marks.  The Sheriff says he knows Marks, but hasn't seen him for six months.

They run into Mary.  She explains that until six months ago she was head surgery nurse in the Reno Hospital.  Her name is really Mary Stuart Marks, Gregory's sister.  She tells them that her brother is buried across the lake under an old pine.  Her brother had told her eight months ago that he was having trouble with Brophy and needed to get rid of him.  Brophy didn't know Marks had a sister as she had never visited the ranch.  When Mary received no answers to letters, she came out to the ranch and pretended she wanted a job.  That was how she became the cigarette girl.

One night she overheard Brophy and Ossie talking.  Ossie called Brophy a fool for killing Marks.  Brophy said that no one would ever find him buried under that old pine by the lake.  Really frightened, Mary kept quiet and tried to think of a way to turn them over to the police.  She said that Ossie was the real brains of the gang and that Brophy just led the gunmen.  Ossie did all the planning.

A deputy comes up bringing Ossie.  Mary challenges him about the death of her brother.  He said he saw a resemblance to Marks in her.  The Sheriff has Ossie taken away.  Jack tells the Sheriff that they should go easy on Olson as he saved them twice.  Mary agrees.

The Sheriff has all he needs and releases them.  Jack asks Mary if she will come and nurse Doc through his crisis.  She says she would be happy to as Doc really saved her life.

Jack says, "Then we're off to Sandy Springs, Doc can't die with a pretty girl holding his hand!"