Synopsis created by
Richard Bauman
December 10, 1992


Jack Packard    Michael Raffetto
Doc Long    Barton Yarborough
Reggie York Walter Paterson

Episode 76  -  May 1, 1939        9 am

Sandy Springs Sanitarium is a health resort about 100 miles from Reno, Nevada. It's mineral springs are recommended for certain ailments.  The staff  includes two doctors, 3 interns and 4 nurses.  Doc was rushed there a week ago after
being  shot at the Lazy K Ranch.  For a week he has been fighting for his life under the tender care of Nurse Mary Stuart.  Jack and Reggie have stood by worried, but helpless.  Now Doc has passed the crisis and another few weeks should
see him out of bed.

We find Doc in his room with Mary trying to bathe him. Unfortunately, Doc is ticklish and not particularly cooperative in this
activity.  They talk about the hole in his shoulder that is healing. He explains to her how important his right arm is for fighting.  She asks  about the trio and learns that Doc and Jack have been together for six years and that they added Reggie four years ago.  He explains that Jack is the brain, Reggie the brawn and he picks locks, gambles and chases women.

This last part is no surprise to Mary.  She tries to get him to read something as she wants to leave.  There is a knock and Jack and Reggie enter.  This allows Mary to make her escape.

Jack tells Doc about a little adventure that they had in the morning.  The two men took a short hike and noticed a car approaching.  Two men  got out and unloaded a stretcher.  A third man got out and got on the stretcher and was covered with a sheet.  He was then carried to the sanitarium as the car drove away.  Jack and Reggie followed this  group back and plan to investigate further.

Episode 77  -  May 2, 1939        5 pm

Jack and Reggie have returned to Doc's room.  Jack has discovered the suite of the mystery man and learned that his name is John L. Quinn.  It turns out that each guest has a nameplate on his door.  Jack and Reggie pulled the old "Oops, wrong room" trick and discovered that the man's head was completely bandaged.  The man chewed them out for their intrusion.  Jack also
noticed the barrel of a 45 protruding from under the man's pillow.

There is a knock and Mary enters.  She banters with Doc as she washes his hands and face for dinner.  Mary has some hospital gossip.  She has learned that there is a new patient, but no one saw him arrive.  There is a contagion sign on his
door and he has his own private nurse.  The nurse is French.  Doc is immediately interested.  Mary finishes bathing him and goes to get his dinner.  Jack is eager for Doc to meet the French nurse and pump her for information.

There is another  knock, and Dr. Porter enters.  He check Doc's chart and says that it is too bad that Jack and Reggie entered Quinn's room.  He refuses to tell them what illness the man has and says that he is considering putting them
under quarantine.  Jack says that this is nonsense.  The Doctor tells them he will consider the situation and tell them his decision in the morning.

Episode 78  -  May 23, 1939        9 pm

Jack and Reggie are in Doc's room keeping him company.  Mary tells them it is time to leave so that Doc can get his rest.  Doc is not a bit sleepy and argues with her.  Mary says he better go to sleep as she has a surprise for him.  Mary has talked to the French nurse and has asked her to come and visit her "restless" patient tomorrow.  Doc continues a war of the wills with Mary as Jack and Reggie leave.

They discuss Dr. Porter's threat.  They are not even sure he is an actual doctor.  As they return to their cabin, they
hear someone coming and hide off the path.  Dr. Porter passes by.  He stops by Doc's door, but does not enter.  He then goes on to Quinn's room.  The boys decide to sneak around to the back window of Quinn's room and try to hear
what is going on.  They find that although it is a very warm night, the window is closed and the blinds are drawn.  Jack is convinced that this is because Porter and Quinn are having a talk with bad consciences.  As they return to their room, Jack sees a fire out on the desert.  They decide to investigate and as they pick their way across the desert Jack tells Reggie that his sixth sense is picking up trouble.  Suddenly they stumble over a body.  It is a man who has been stabbed in the heart.

They decide to go on and check out the fire.  They find a bed roll, but no one there.  They decide to look around and begin to assume that the gear belonged to the dead man. Someone orders them to "Put em up!"

It's Hard Pan Luke!

Episode 79  -  May 4, 1939        9 pm

It is clear that Hard Pan is still drawing his gun on people.  They find he was on his way to Reno to see them, because he had taken a liking to them.  He saw a trapper friend, along the way, who told him about the events at the Lazy K. As a result, he changed direction and was heading there.  He just happened to be passing their location.

They tell Hard Pan what has happened to Doc. Luke  scoffs at Doc's wound and is convinced that they are turning him into a
sissy.  He resolves to visit Doc in the morning.  Jack asks Luke if he heard anything this evening while he was making camp.  Luke heard nothing  unusual, so Jack tells him about the corpse.  They all  go and take a look at it. Luke points out that corpses show up wherever the boys are.  Jack lights a match so they  can look, but none of them recognize the man.

Luke notes the clean hands and city clothes.  Jack says that it is too bad the corpse showed up so close to Luke's camp.  He wonders what the sheriff will think?  Luke says that will be no problem for him as he is getting out of there. Jack  says that Luke shouldn't leave under the circumstances.  Luke draws on them!

Jack tries to reason with Luke and says that if he will stay they will help him get off.  Luke refuses.  Jack says that they will just have to take his gun.  Luke tells them not to bother as it is empty anyway.  Jack gives Luke a choice.  He can be their prisoner or one of them.  Luke reluctantly agrees.
Reggie picks up the body and they head back to the sanitarium.  Luke is convinced they have him in real trouble.  Jack wants to give the corpse to Dr. Porter, so he can see his reaction.

Episode 80  -  May 5, 1939        10 pm

Jack, Reggie and Luke have returned to the sanitarium grounds carrying the corpse.  They spot a light in Porter's office.  Jack warns Luke to act cooperative, as though he was totally innocent.

They knock and Porter admits them.  Reggie dumps the corpse on Porter's couch.  Porter examines the body and says that the man has been stabbed and has been dead about an hour.  Porter doesn't like Luke's looks and acts suspicious of him.  That brings out Luke's pistol once more.  Jack tries to calm him.  The doctor thinks Luke brought the body to this location.  This upsets Luke more.  Jack explains that they found the body, but only after meeting Luke.  Also they brought the body to the doctor because they weren't sure the man was dead.

The doctor isn't being dissuaded and thinks the sheriff will be really interested in Luke.  Jack tells the doctor that he should be careful about making accusations.  Porter then threatens Jack and Reggie with quarantine. Luke blusters at the doctor and they leave.

They sneak around to the hospitalreceiving room to see if the body is brought there.  Jack is sure that Porter
won't call the sheriff.  A light comes on in the receiving room and the  body is wheeled in, covered by a sheet.  Satisfied, they start to leave.

A women's voice with a French accent suddenly asks from the darkness, "Who are you?"  The French nurse, Madelaine La Rue, confronts them with a pistol in her hand!  She accuses them of hiding under the  window.  Jack introduces the party and tells her that they were just out for a stroll.  She tells them she is the nurse of Wellington Quinn and apologizes for sticking them up.  She then returns to her room as do the boys.

Episode 81  -  May 8, 1939        9 am

Doc and Mary are bantering about Doc's favorite subject, "wimmin."  Doc is wondering when the French nurse will visit him.  Mary assures him that she will bring her for a visit.  There is a knock and Jack, Reggie and Hard Pan Luke enter.  Jack introduces Luke to Mary and Luke goes into his women-hater number.  He wants to know what she is doing to Doc.  He is sure she is  turning him into a sissy.  Doc banters with Luke and Mary leaves in  disgust.
Luke is convinced that Doc is in Mary's power.  He has also had about enough of being inside four walls so he goes outside for some air.  Jack tells Doc about meeting Luke and finding the corpse.  He is convinced someone is trying to frame Luke for the murder.  He then tells Doc about the talk with Porter and that he doubts Porter will call the sheriff.  Finally, he covers the confrontation with the gun-packing French nurse, Madelaine.

Doc tells them that Mary is bringing her for a visit.  Jack wants to stay to see what they can learn from her, but Doc has decided that Madelaine belongs to him.

Episode 82  -  May 9, 1939        9 am

Doc is eagerly expecting the visit of the French nurse.  He tells Jack and Reggie to scram.  Jack, however, wants to see her in the light and get some information from her.  There is a knock and Mary enters with Madelaine. There are introductions all around.  Doc banters with the two girls and again tries to tell his partners to blow.  Madelaine says that she wants to talk to Jack.

She apologizes for holding them up the previous night.  Jack forgives her after some protestations.  All this makes Doc jealous.  He tries to make a little time with Madelaine and calls her "Sugar."  Madelaine bridles at this and calls him one of those "city slickers," and "fresh."  Doc fusses over all this.  Madelaine then asks about Luke, but at this moment Dr.
Porter arrives.  He chews Madelaine out for being there.  Doc fumes and threatens to leave if he can't even have visitors.  He also calls Porter a "pole cat."
Jack tries to calm Doc down.  Mary threatens Doc with "no visitors," if he doesn't cool off.  Madelaine leaves and Porter wants to see Jack and Reggie outside.  They go out leaving Mary to try to calm Doc.

Outside, Porter demands that they give him back the mysterious corpse, which has gone missing!  They deny knowing anything about it's location and there is an exchange of threats.

Episode 83  -  May 10, 1939        9 am

Doc and Mary are talking in his room.  Doc is raving mad at Dr. Porter.  Mary thinks that Madelaine is "a bit hard."  She wonders why a nurse would be carrying a gun.  She takes Doc's pulse, but all the excitement  hasn't raised it a bit.

Jack and Reggie return.  They discuss Madelaine and Reggie opines that Mary is "ten times better than Madelaine."  Mary responds to this by making up to Reggie, causing him to blush.  Jack has decided to fill Mary in on what is going on, and tells her everything.  Jack points out that there is no evidence that the man was killed on the desert where they found him.  He believes he was carried there to frame Luke.  Jack tells Doc and  Mary that someone has stolen the body.  Doc wants to know why Jack is telling Mary all of this.  Jack responds that it is so that she can protect herself if necessary.  He thinks they might be hauled off to jail briefly.  He orders Doc to stay in bed and actually gets him to promise.

There is a knock and Porter has returned.  Looking out they see that sheriff's deputies have Hard Pan Luke in handcuffs!

Episode 84  -  May 11, 1939        5 pm

Jack and Reggie as well as Luke have been arrested for suspicion of murder and taken off!  The missing body has not been found.  Mary is in Doc's room, washing him up for dinner.

Doc is plainly worried about his partners He  tells Mary about Jack smelling trouble just before the corpse was found.  Doc tells her that Jack can even hear a persons mood in their footsteps.

There is a knock and it is Madelaine.  Mary leaves her there to watch Doc while she goes for his dinner.  Doc tries to romance Madelaine but there are other things on her mind.  She is sorry about Jack, Reggie and Luke going to
jail.  Doc tries to pump her about the mysterious "Quinn."  He is unsuccessful, but finds out that she has been in the U.S. for five years.  He tries to hold her hand.

There is a knock and it is Dr. Porter.  He chews Madelaine out again and  forces her to leave.  Porter then threatens Doc if he wont tell him where the body is.  Doc says he thinks that Porter really knows where the body is and is just trying to cover up.  Porter makes even more threats before storming off.

Episode 85  -  May 12, 1939        11 pm

Night has fallen and Mary is in Doc's room, planning to spend the night on his couch.  Neither is a bit sleepy.  They discuss the situation and Mary refuses to go to her own room and leave Doc.  Doc asks to have the window open because of the heat.  Mary agrees, but is worried about someone coming in.

She asks Doc about the visit of Madelaine and Porter's subsequent confrontation with her.  She thinks it is all an act and that the two are in cahoots.  Doc tells her about confronting Porter.  Mary reminds him that Jack had told them to lie low and don't invite trouble.

Not Doc!  Porter had made  him mad!  He tells Mary he is afraid that he blew everything.  Mary agrees that they are in big trouble.  Doc wishes he had a "shootin' pistol."  Mary  reveals that she had seen a gun in Porter's desk and taken it.  She
brings it out and gives it to Doc.   Doc thinks that Jack will be back soon because he knows the Sheriff from their Lazy K adventure.  Mary says that this is a different county and  comes under a different Sheriff!

"Crash!"  A rock comes through the window, shattering it!  They see a shadow outside the open window.  The shadow comes right through the window and toward the bed.  Mary screams, "Doc, look out!"  There is a shot and the sound of breaking glass...

Episode 86  -  May 15, 1939        11 pm

After the excitement, Doc and Mary are taking stock.  Doc tells her he saw "the body of a man with a blurry white ball a sittin on his shoulders."  He fired his pistol and missed on purpose to frighten the man.

Doc is sure that they didn't know he had a gun.  He knew the boys baggage was searched on the day they arrived.  He also recalls that Madelaine had asked him if he was a fighter and he told her he was, but with fists, not guns.  He is also
surprised that someone hasn't showed up to see what the shooting is about.

They are discussing this when there is a pounding at the door and a voice orders Miss Stuart to open up.  She has locked the door and talks through it to a man who identifies himself as Deputy Burns.  Suddenly another man  gets the drop on Doc through the broken window.  Mary is forced to unlock the door and a masked man enters.  The other masked man at the window then also enters.  They demand to know where the body is?  They threaten Doc who denies knowing anything about it.

They find the gun which Doc has hidden under his pillow and tell him they are going to twist his bad arm unless he talks.
Mary tries to intervene and gets slapped.  Suddenly, Jack bursts into the room!

Episode 87  -  May 16, 1939        11 pm

Jack has returned in the nick of time and has the drop on the two men.  He has Mary take their guns.  Jack asks them about the masks and has Mary pull them off.  Doc is convinced that the men look like a couple of New York gangsters.

Jack has Mary pull the men's coats down in back to pin their arms.  Jack calls for Reggie, who appears with a rope.  He was waiting outside the window to act as a backup.  They tie the men up.  Jack asks Doc  what was going on and finds that the two men were after the missing body. Jack tells the men that "the game is up."  He claims to know who the dead man is, who hid the body and why.  He tries to get one of the men to talk.

When this doesn't work he has Reggie take the men outside.  He admits to Doc that  he was just bluffing.  He also tells Doc that they have the pair of phony deputies that arrested them.  They were taken out and the car turned onto a back road.  The phony deputies got a little careless and the boys took them out, even wearing handcuffs.  Then they came back and hid until dark.  After scouting around the grounds, they planned to confront Dr. Porter but were stopped by the sound  of Doc's shot.

Mary decides that Doc has had enough excitement for one night.  She and Jack gang up on him and force him to take a sleeping powder.  Jack then leaves to confront Porter.  They knock at his office, but there is no answer.

They enter and find him on the floor. Was he dead or alive?

Episode 88  -  May 17, 1939        12 am

Dr. Porter is still alive, although he has been beaten up.  They decide that  they should tie him up and leave him.  Their next stop is the mysterious Quinn.  They lock Porter in his office and head there.

Arriving, they knock but there is no answer.  They try the door and find it open.  They turn on the light and find the bed empty.  They close the window, pull the blinds and go over the room.  The closet holds six suits and silk pajamas carefully hung up.  Apparently Quinn has left of his own volition.  They check the living room of the suite and find nothing.  They enter the second bedroom and find Madelaine bound and gagged.  They ungag her and she accuses them of tying her up.  Apparently the men who tied her wore masks.

They deny doing this and release her.  She was tied one hour ago.  They tell her that Quinn is gone and she reacts, saying that "They got him!"  She thinks that the boys are part of some gang and that they have now killed Quinn, "Like you killed
Johnny McKay!"

They question her further and learn that McKay was Quinn's best friend.  Madelaine keeps insisting that they are part of the gang.  They finally leave her so she can dress.  While waiting, they hear a noise and find that Madelaine has gone out the window.

They start to  follow her and  see a man with no head outside her room!  They hide, and watch....

Episode 89  -  May 18, 1939        1 am

The headless man is still outside the cabin.  He comes closer and they hear two whistles.  When there is no response, he leaves.  The boys move back into Quinn's room and discuss the situation.  They hear someone at the door and when he comes in they jump him and knock him out.

It is now 8 am in the morning and Jack and Reggie are just arriving at Doc's room.  They tell him that they have both Porter and Quinn tied up.  For some reason, someone hit Porter over the head again while he was tied up. Jack  sends Reggie to bring in Quinn.  It turns out that Quinn was out roaming around with his bandages on his head and this made it look like his
head was missing in certain  lighting.

Doc tells  Jack about Quinn coming by his room and taking a shot at him to scare him off.  Madelaine is still missing.
Reggie brings in Quinn.  He says that he is not a crook.  In fact he is really Arthur B. Jennings and he calls them crooks.  He thinks they are part of a gang that came to Dallas, Texas bringing gambling, narcotics, etc.  When he tried to break up their gang they threatened him.  He is convinced Jack, Doc and Reggie are part of this gang.  Mary tells him off in no
uncertain terms.

At this point they hear cars and look out to see two carloads of men with rifles arriving!

Episode 90  -  May 19, 1939        8 am

A Sheriff's Posse has arrived and surrounded the place.  Madelaine is with  them and has obviously gone for help.  Jack calls Madelaine and the Sheriff over.  The Sheriff draws on them when he enters and Quinn demands that they be arrested.  He tells the Sheriff who he is and that he came to Sandy Springs to hide out with Madelaine and his secretary John McKay.  He
claims that Jack and Reggie have murdered McKay.

The Sheriff questions Jack and Jack explains who they are, describes the Lazy K affair and refers him to Sheriff Archer in the next county.  The  Sheriff recognizes Jacks name.  Jack explains why they have tied Quinn up and tells him about the man
brought into the sanitarium, the arrival of Luke, and finding McKay dead.  Apparently Dr. Porter did call the Sheriff, but half an hour later someone called back and said it was a mistake.  They conclude this was the fake deputies.  The Sheriff sends his deputies to bring them and Luke who is watching them.

Jack then tells  the Sheriff about the two masked men who they also captured.  The  four men and Hard Pan Luke arrive.  Jack asks Luke in and accuses him of hiding the body.  Luke draws on them.  Jack calms him and gets him to admit he hid
the body due to his fear of prosecution.  This  wraps up the mystery of the  missing corpse.

Episode 91  -  May 22, 1939        9 am

Two weeks have passed.  Quinn/Jennings has rested up and Doc has mended.  The boys are talking outside Doc's room.  Doc is ready to test his arm in a fight.  Mary calls to them.  Doc is tired of being bossed by her.  She arrives with pills for Doc.  Doc refuses to take them.  He says, "No love, no medicine."  Jack tells Reggie to hold Doc and they wrestle him down and give him the pills.  Doc is humiliated.  He sees how weak he has become from the bed rest.  They talk to Mary and find she is planning to return to the Lazy K.

Mary asks them their plans.  She wants them to come to the Lazy K and work for her.  Jack tells them that this just wouldn't work.  They need adventure.  Mary, near tears, leaves.  Jennings arrives.  He has sent Madelaine home to New Orleans.  His 22-year-old daughter Julia will be arriving tomorrow to take him home.  He tells them that he is a widower, originally from Carolina.  He now lives in El Paso.  He asks them if they are soldiers of fortune and if they want some work?  It turns out that
there is a band of border thieves and smugglers, operating not far from  El  Paso, that he would like to wipe out.  Apparently the Border Patrol doesn't know about them yet.  He has secret sources of information and wants to get credit for the cleanup.  He asks the boys to come to El Paso at his expense, get rid of the gang and they can name their own price.

The boys are  definitely interested, but feel they should wait another week for Doc to get fully recovered.  Doc, however, is raring to go!

End of Episode