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[the black halos] -punk rock sex symbols.

[botch] -seattle tech fiends.

[cradle of filth] -black metal vampires.

[deepsix] -local toronto grunge gods and goddesses.

[danko jones] -rock. women. partying.

[the dillinger escape plan] -good music.

[the end] -crazy metal from HELL!

[gwar] - they're gwar.

[hooflug] -these guys got the jazz. well, had it.

[hot hot heat] -dance, dance, dance.

[lip] -"i went to a lip concert and all i got was raped" - jonny tragic

[misfits] -punk will never die.

[.moneen.] -a band of sheer energy. and naked kenny.

[the murder city devils] -rockin'. dancin'.

[the laymen] young rockin punk band

[refused] -"i could kick dennis lyxzen's ass" - tomnm

[shiloh] -metal super heroes!

[] -emo explosion, baby!

[T.I.N.C.] -rock n' roll + zany politics = fun!

[twinfold] -brampton all-stars.




[cult of the dead cow] -politics. hacking. life.

[the onion] -your online source for the real news.

[textfiles] -everything you'll never need to know.

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