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Geeb's Old 69 Grand Prix


This page is dedicated to the 1969 Grand Prix I used to own. Updates are in newest to oldest order.

Updated 12/04
This car is now outside the family, and on its way to new paint and vinyl top. I'm looking forward to seeing it one day all done.

Updated Spring 2003
The nephew thing didn't work out, so I sold the car to my brother-in law.

Updated 02/02
Instead of selling the car, I decided to give it to my newphew when he graduates from High School.

Fall 2001
I decided to sell the car, because I picked up a 65 Lemans to put the 455 into instead.

Here are a bunch of pictures I took when I was planning to sell.

And here is a bunch of detail about the car I wrote when I was planning to sell it.

It is a numbers correct 400 XH block with #62 heads, correct intake, and 7029262 carb. I had thought the engine was numbers matching since the block and head codes date within a month of each other and are correct for a '69 Grand Prix 400/350HP, but when I had the engine out and I checked the VIN on the block and it does not match the car. The correct 7029268 Carb was on the car when I got it, but I had it rebuilt for my 455 and wanted to keep it, so I bought another carb for it on e-bay. It appears to be freshly rebuilt and performs perfectly, and is a 1969 Pontiac Q-Jet.

It is my understanding from the previous owner that the engine was rebuilt pretty much stock around 45k miles ago. It runs clean and strong and has given me no troubles. I ran it at the strip once with the stock exhaust and mufflers and it ran 15.2 at 90 MPH with no tuning and squeaky belts. That aint bad considering this car weighs 4150 lbs! Plus, the new exhaust (see below) really woke it up too.

New Stuff

There are quite a few new or nearly new things on the car.

  • (May/2001) B&M SuperCooler tranny cooler.
  • (May/2001) Modine 4-row radiator.
  • (Fall 2000) New exhaust. 2 1/4 Headpipes into 2 1/2 inch pipes into mandrel bent 45's into a Dr. Gas X-Crossover with Dynomax 17749 Hemi Super Turbo mufflers and Flowmaster 2 1/2 inch Mandrel Bent Tailpipes.
  • (Aug 2000) Moog Cargo Coil rear springs and rear shocks.
  • (June 2001) Front end rebuild including new front shocks, new control arm bushings, new ball joints, new endlinks, and new Moog Springs. The ride and handling are VERY nice.

General Info

  • Tires - The tires are Dunlop GT Qualifiers with 255/60/15's in back and 215/70/15's in front mounted on some 70's era 15x7 Rally II rims painted solid black. The tires were new around 10k miles ago but the rears are basicaly shot since I had the 455 in there for most of those 10k miles :)

  • Body - As you can see from the pics, the body of the car needs some work, as there is typical rust at the bottom of the fenders and the bottom of the 1/4 panels. There is also a small dent (6x8) in the driver's side door and a larger dent (6x16) at the back of the driver's side 1/4 panel. The vinyl top needs replacement too.

  • Interior - The interior is in excellent shape with only a rip in the driver's seat (looks like a classic screwdriver in the pocket rip) and two approx 1/2 inch holes in the headliner. The fan and heater controls all work properly as do all the dash lights etc. The only exceptions are the clock which only moves about 1 minute a month, and the odometer which just quit about 2 months ago. The power windows all work although the rear ones could use some lube as they will not fully come up on their own power.

  • Stereo - I recently (May/2001) installed a brand new stereo including Pioneer CD Receiver, 75Wx2 Power Amp, and Infinity 6x9 speakers which sounds awesome. This cost over $400 in componenets alone. If you prefer, I can remove it again and reduce the price by $400. I do have a stock AM/FM radio for it and an uncut radio bezel for the dash that come with the car.


This car has been my daily driver for the past 9 months and has performed very well for me. It is a lot of fun to drive and gives me very little trouble. I recently put the original 400 back in the car, and have driven the car frequently since the swap to be sure everything is hooked up and working well again.....and it is.

Update Winter 2001
The 455 was complete and installed on 11/17-11/19 2000 and runs great. To read about that adventure, and see the engine spec, go to my 455 Engine Build/Install Page. Since then I put in a recurved distributor and rebuilt carb and it runs even better. I can't wait to get to the strip this year, but still have a lot to do including:

  • Indian Adventures Ground Grabber Traction Bars
  • Crane Hi-6 Ignition
  • Repairs to Transmision
  • Install Shift Kit
  • Optimize Shift Point and Modify Governor
I'll definitely be looking for mid 13's even at the 4250 weight.

Update Fall 2000
Well I drove this car all Summer and Fall and had a blast! During that time I took it to the strip and it ran 15.2 with stock 400, stock converter, stock exhaust, weighing 4250 with me in it and on street radials.
Have the 455 almost ready to build and install which will be done in November....

Update 10/18/1999
I'm planning on putting the car on the road in the Spring of 2000. It needs new tires and shocks and some tuning, although it starts and runs good. I hope that during the driving season I will be able to put one of my 455's in this car, along with a posi rear end. With any luck, and some time fine tuning, I can get it to run low 14's or maybe high 13's in the quarter mile. Wish me luck!

Spring 1999

This was when I got the car.

Here are the first three pictures I have of the car, exactly as I got it:

Here are some newer pictures after the first washing:

Here are some pictures of the '71 Parts car that came with it:


If you'd like to read the interesting tale about how I came to own this car, then click on MY Grand Prix STORY

Here's some more information on the car:

The car is a numbers matching 400/TH400 engine/trans. Once I get the PHS documentation I can tell you exactly how it was ordered, but this much I know now:

  • Claret Red
  • Black Vinyl Top
  • Black Interior
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes
  • Power Windows
  • Air Conditioning
  • Rally II Wheels (Non Original)

For those of you with particluar interest in 69 Grand Prix's, here are two internet resources:

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