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Fletcher, Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

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February 19, 1997 Residents' Group uses New Environmental Law to Stop Landfill Re-opening - The residents of Fletcher, Ontario today celebrated a precedent-setting victory against a government proposal to re-open an inactive landfill site southwest of Chatham.

Our Railway
Ancestors & Descendants of Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher
Fletcher Brick & Tile
Grocott family
Mrs. George Holmes Arises At 5:30 Every Morning
At Kirbys, 1920
Lucas Lecocq family
Postmasters at Fletcher
Dr. David Alexander Stewart (1874-1937) - An History of the Fight Against Tuberculosis in Canada
Steve Vince at the Home Show

news column of 23 April 1999
Newsletter 28 March 1999

Fletcher Church
Merlin-Fletcher Pastoral Charge

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