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List of Members:

Russ Kelk 
Kenny Robertson 
Jenn Sweet 
Lloyd Clarke 
Pat Brodie 
Brandon Radford 
Doug Robertson 
Advisor/Acting Treasurer

Keep in mind that though many of us have e-mail we do not necessarily always have access to the internet.
If you try to contact one of us and we do not respond, try contacting another. We all talk together anyways!

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Tales from the Crew

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Important Dates

Be one of the brave;
Be one of the few;
Be one of the rare people who have
read our constitution!

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Members' Sites:

Carolyn Tomascin's site @
Cam McLaren's site @
Andy Deuxberry's site @

Some of our pages are still under construction so be gentle in your review

Anyone finding problems with this page is asked to contact e-mail me about the problem. It's (That also applies to any complaints about the material within this page.)