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"Superfly" Steve

An old friend

This is Steve. I have known him since 1983. Scary thought huh ? I can honestly say, I have known no one longer. The funniest thing about our friendship is how diverse we are. Steve likes guys like Dio, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest ..... I'm a fan of Pavarotti, Travis Tritt, Wynnona Judd, Zucchero ..... How did we meet ? Well, neither of us are quite sure. The one thing we seem to agree on is that we were in Kindergarden together. I remember playing some game with Steve, Where he seems to remember something about painting imaginary maps or something. (Read his web page). We are your classic odd couple. I am Walter Matheau, he is Jack Lemmon. He is Jake, I am the fat man. He is Peter Pan, I am Tink, He is Abbott, I am get the point. How are we different ? Our music taste for one, our choice in post secondary education, to an extent, our taste in women, favourite tv shows ...... But, do either of us care ? Heck no. But, seriously. Outside of my family, Steve is my only link to my past (no offence Ricky). Because of this, I treat Steve like a brother. For this, I am forever in debt. Thanks barri.

Rock on Man !

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