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Audio Files

Hope you like these !!

Steve Austin :

Steve talks about kicking Chyna and HHH's asses
Hell yeah
Hell Yeah - part 2
Hell Yeah - part 3
Hell Yeah - part 4
He talks about a match vs. Kane
Starts to give Paul Bearer a hard time
Talks about the Undertaker
Austin 3:16 says ........
Gives Paul Bearer a hard time ... again !
Steve wants a beer !!
Steve talks about a match vs. (the real) Dude Love
He explains what McMahon 3:16 stands for
Steve tells a story

The Rock :

The Rock talks about talking in his sleep
Rocky, Al Snow & Mankind have a conversation
See above ... part 2
Talks about Val Venus (a personal favourite)
Talking about kissing ass
Rocky talks about the 6 pack challenge
Accepts a challenge on behalf of the Rock-n-Sock Connection
You're where ???
Asks Michael Cole about ... pie
The Rock makes fun of Mark Henry
This one is funny !
This one is histarical !

Other :

X-Pac talks about Hollywood Hogan
Scott Hall talks like Darth Vader
The Big Show !
GILLBERG ... `nuf said !
Mankind, along with the Union threaten the Corperation
Rick Flair talks to Mean Gene
The Godfather talks about his Hoes
Al Snow challenges The Boss Man to the Kennel From Hell Match
Headbanger Thrasher
Mankind & HHH
Mark Mero talks about Gillberg
Chyna announces that Miss Kitty is the 4th person in the Evening Gown match
Bret Harts favourite phrase
Jerry Lawler talking about head
The Godfather playin with the crowd
Road Dogg trying to talk the Boss Man into a match
Val Venus talking to Tiger Ali Singh
Scott Steiner babbeling on
Roddy Piper talking about Bill Clinton
Piper talking about Randy Savage
Piper talking about Goldust
Jericho talking about Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
The NWO impersonate the Horsemen
Faarooq talkin'