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Ethiopian Film Festival

Hello friends !!!
Due to lack of parking we have changed the location
of our meeting place. We apologize for the last minute
announcement and any inconvenience it may cause.Hoping
we will see you there. Please pass this information
to each and every one. The New party place will be..
Name ---- Wondiy Restaurant
Address - 1671 Bloor street west
Located between Dundas and Keele Subway station
Phone # -- 416-530-1609

Here is what we posted before:

Here is the plan for Toronto. There will be a get
together party Friday, July 7 at 3 PM
        Name --- First Ethiopian Place (restaurant)
        Address 585 Yonge Street (it's in down town)
        Phone 416-935-0810
This will be a good opportunity to meet a long lost
friends. The Alumni community believes there will be a
lot of surprises. We encourage each and every one of
you to make an effort to attend this occasion.
Please make an effort to show up !! And also, please
inform others too.
For further news visit our message board.
The committee

Please write us at
if you have any comment or question regarding this matter.

Ethiopian Film Festival

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