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Harar Almuni Homepage Goals !

Our Goals

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       According to recent visitors of Harer, the schools are in very sad and miserable condition. There are 4000 students in Junior and 3000 students in Medhane-Alem with 85 students per class. There are no books, no lab equipment, and no library (converted to classroom). The good news is that there is an umbrella organization that has been legally established in Harer and Addis Abeba by former students to champion the cause of these schools. Therefore, our goals are:

        To be a support group to the umbrella organization

           that has been established in Ethiopia;

        To help the schools acquire and sustain necessary

           materials to provide a decent education;

        To have our own Internet newsletter and

           share some old YeHarer Lij story

       To help us find old friends.

Feel free to e-mail us.