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Fund Raising:

The time has come to start the second phase of our project. As we mentioned in our first newsletter, our first plan was to contact former students. In the last 6 months with relentless campaign we have done that. Thanks to your cooperation; this organization is now much stronger than ever before.

In the last couple of weeks, CHFSTA has contacted several schools and philanthropist around state of Washington. We did receive several commitments from different organization. One organization had promised us if we fill the container they will match half of the transportation fee. Friends this is encouraging.

At the beginning the organization was planing to ask Alumni to send us money or books. However, after great length of discussion we felt it will be wise to ask everyone to send us money rather than books unless you live close to the state of Washington. We believed shipping the material to us alone would cost you a lot of money. Still, if you want to send materials or books at your expense our organization will gladly accept it.

Finally, friends this is a group effort and we encourage everyone to join in fulfilling this goals.

Here is our address:

You can send us check, money order or any relevant material to this address.

Payable to "City of Harar Former Students and Teachers Association"


P.O.BOX 33955

Seattle, WA 98133-0955

For comments or suggestions please, feel free to contact us through our email or write us using the above address.

Our email address is


The CFSTA Committee