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Earth Final Conflict

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Season Four Episodes

The order listed is the order that it was shown on the SPACE network in Canada, Sunday Nights.

Air Date   Title
  1. Oct-8-00 Forge of Creation
    * Aboard a freighter, Lili gives birth to a half-Jaridian child who may be the last hope for the race. Aided by the captured Taelon Da'an, who apparently gives his life while supplying Lili with energy, everything goes well until the baby develops a potentially fatal illness that plagues Jaridians. When Liam suggests they take her to the hospital, Vorjak, the child's father, refuses, fearful that the Taelons would have her killed. As a result, he escapes with Lili and the baby through a portal. Augur is sought by a Volunteer Investigation Unit. Lili must find a way to lower her baby's temperature. Augur introduces J Street. The Taelons then order Sandoval to locate and kill Vorjak or be killed himself.
  2. Oct-15-00 Sins Of The Father
    * A pro-Taelon senator is shot by his daughter, Eva. Eva is found to have traces of Kryss, an outlawed substance the Companions used to adapt to Earth, in her body. Renee goes up to the space station and finds Da'an getting Kryss from Federov. Liam finds that Da'an is addicted to Kryss.
    Trek* Shares episode title name with a Star Trek The Next Generation episode.
  3. Oct-22-00 First Breath
    * After a break-in at Renee's apartment, Renee hooks up with an old Harvard College roommate, Claire. Claire works with Dr Fuchs, a Nobel Laureate winner whose company, DonorMed - a biomedical facility, is involved in genetic engineering. When a break-in at Renee's apartment is linked to Claire, Liam and Renee suspect Fuchs of unethical actions involved in meddling with human DNA. Renee and Liam investigate the link between Zu'or and DonorMed's clandestine cloning operation.
  4. Oct-29-00 Limbo
    * When a canister of Taelon core energy is stolen under Sandoval's and Joshua Doors' eyes, Zu'or warns Sandoval that if it is not recovered, many humans will die. Meanwhile, deceased Doors International President Jonathan Doors resurfaces in cyber form and attempts to blackmail the Taelons into leaving the solar system. Zu'or, saving energy aboard the Mothership, orchestrates the murder of a T'than. Liam reveals the Taelon's darkest secret - that they are running out of core energy and dying.
  5. Nov-05-00 Motherlode
    * An FBI black ops unit has Augur in it's sights. An amoralist's plan to steal $3 trillion in gold from Zu'or's reserves puts Augur's life in jeopardy. Declan Conners has blackmailed Augur into helping him. While Sandoval works to short-circuit the plan, Liam and Renee attempt to save Augur.
  6. Nov-12-00 Take No Prisoners
    * Despite doubts about Taelon sincerity, Liam urges Resistance fighter Hayley Simmons and her team to accept an offer of amnesty. The Alliance announces that it's negotiated amnesty for all resistance fighters, with Zu'or himself guaranteeing the rebels' safety on the specified 'Day of Sanctuary.' But on the day in question, the Resistance find themselves under attack by kamikaze soldiers. The Resistance brands Liam a traitor. Liam and Renee discover the source of the soldiers' rage: a deadly parasite that makes its victims impervious to fear in the hour before it kills them. Sandoval learns that FBI and CIA have been merged to form "Pan Global Security" and his new boss there is Director Kalen.
  7. Nov-19-00 Second Wave
    * Chaos erupts when the Companions decide to abandon Earth in the face of an imminent invasion from an incoming Jaridian war fleet. Taelons empty all embassies and return to the Mothership with all their technology, leaving Earth at the mercy of the invaders. Da'an informs Liam that, years earlier, the Jaridians warned Earth not to cooperate with the Taelons or face the consequences. Meanwhile, long-missing Resistance fighters surface on the Mothership, and Liam works to bring them home.
  8. Nov-26-00 Essence
    * Renee's younger brother Richard is the unwitting subject of a masterful Zu'or attempt to capture and harness human emotions (joie de vivre), which Zu'or believes developing humanlike emotions will help the Taelons in their bid to survive. Renee's brother Richard is reunited with her but all is not right forcing Renee to re-think her position with the Taelons. But as Richard's emotions are stolen from him, the consequences could prove deadly for Sandoval.
  9. Dec-03-00 Phantom Companion
    * Onboard the Mothership, Renee critically injured, is taken hostage by a denizen of the Mothership, a phantomlike man named Malley, who has taken it upon himself to "protect" the ship. While Liam searches for the disappeared Renee, the phantom makes a bold move, demanding that Zu'or resign or else.
  10. Dec-10-00 Dream Stalker
    * Ken Matthews, an old flame of Renee and business competitor resurfaces. Both are interested in new memory technology which enables one to create selected dreams in real-time. Evidence points to someone going beyond this in infiltrating people's dreams with dire consequences. Liam's investigation into a string of murders links them to a serial killer who invades people's dreams and then frames them for his murderous crimes. The investigation takes a bizarre turn when the killer invades both Renee's and Sandoval's slumber.
  11. Feb-04-01 Lost Generation
    * A retired companion protector in charge of security for the 'new life' infertility clinic mysteriously dies just before his wife gives birth, leading to questions of a cover-up and CVI failure. Liam and Renee suspect Taelon wrong doing when a human baby is born with a CVI implant. As the investigation deepens, Renee receives some devastating news that appears to be linked to Taelon technology.
  12. Feb-11-01 The Summit
    * Da'an summons Liam and solemnly declares that they will never meet again as he is about to take his 'final journey'. Da'an then escapes. Zu'or demands Liam find Da'an and forces him to be implanted with a surveillance CVI that allows Sandoval to see and hear everything that he does. Street and Renee must find a way to help Liam as they discover more about Da'an's journey.
  13. Feb-18-01 Dark Matter
    * The future of the Taelons looks bleak after a mysterious piece of dark matter collides with the Mothership. All the Taelons, including Zu'or, freeze in time aboard the Mothership. Sandoval sees the accident as a chance to gain revenge for all the Taelons have done to him, but Liam and Renee move to use the moment to resurrect Da'an as the leader.
  14. Feb-25-01 Keys to the Kingdom
    * Zu'or and Liam try to hone Liam's telepathic skills in order to decipher an ancient manuscript encrypted by Ma'el and encased within a Taelon relic. Unfortunately, Liam is having trouble focusing on the problem. Zu'or discovers that the relic holds the key to Taelon core energy. Italian art dealer Vera Rizzori, meets with Liam and Renee and shows them a picture of the artifact she was attempting to buy. Liam instantly recognizes it as Ma'el's relic and asks who hired her to acquire it. Liam and Renee arrive at Happy Time Holograms, the address of Vera's client. An elevator inside turns into a portal to the mysterious man's private office. Drawing their weapons, they enter the office and are met by Augur. Augur reveals that with the aid of Sandoval's retinal map, he's learned that the Taelons were more evolved 2,000 years ago than they are now. Augur believes that if the humans can access the manuscript before the Taelons, they will hold the "keys to the kingdom," perhaps even regaining control of Earth from the Taelons. Augur is determined to decode the manuscript. Sandoval finds out about the relic's secret and wants it for himself. Zu'or summons Liam for another attempt at accessing the manuscript. Suddenly, Zu'or smashes the relic, declaring it to be a forgery. He proclaims that theft of the relic is an act of war, and tells Liam and Sandoval that they have 12 hours to find the genuine relic or he will destroy a major city every hour thereafter until the human population is wiped out.
  15. Mar-04-01 Street Chase
    * Street is closing in on solving Ma'el's riddle and consequently is being hunted by Sandoval as Zu'or is desperate to have her mind. Street discovers she has a Taelon device in her arm that enables Sandoval to see and hear her every move and conversation. To get rid of it, she turns to Liam for help, and he takes her to see Da'an - who seemingly has turned traitor. But things are not what they appear as Street is not sure who she can trust as she flees for her life learning an important lesson about trust.
  16. Mar-11-01 Trapped by Time
    * Three human astronauts locked in Taelon stasis bubbles are found in an old abandoned top-secret government base, where they have remained for 30 years. Their life forces have been sustained and it is determined that they have traveled forward in time and then come back to earth long before they were born. They hold the secrets for the future of earth and the human/Taelon relationship.
  17. Mar-18-01 Atonement
    * Sandoval asks Renee to inform the Atlantic National Alliance that in exchange for full immunity, he will testify against the Taelons. While suspicious of Sandoval's sudden desire to combat the Taelons, Renee and Liam present his proposal to Hubble Urick. Before leaving for the grand jury in Montreal, Sandoval accesses the command log of the Taelon Mothership, a log packed with incriminating evidence against the Taelons. Zu'or sends a security team to apprehend him, but Sandoval escapes via a portal. Renee and Liam decide to transport Sandoval to Montreal via Retro Rail, a nostalgic train tour. Renee outfits Sandoval with a prototype exoskeleton developed by Doors International that contains a Jaridian cloaking device which transforms Sandoval into another person. The disguise keeps Sandoval safe until the train arrives in Montreal when the device's battery pack wears down, Tate suddenly appears and guns down Sandoval and escapes with his body through a portal. Later Liam and Renee are stunned to find Sandoval alive. Learning that Sandoval orchestrated his own "assassination" in order to stay alive, he has now increased his demand for immunity to include relocation and 50 million in gold. The grand jury refuses to accept his new terms and puts him on trial for crimes against humanity. Sandoval insists he was only obeying orders. Communicating through a energy data stream, Zu'or demands that Sandoval be returned to the Mothership immediately, or he will begin firing at Earth.
  18. Apr-16-01 Blood Ties
    * Liam and Renee suspect Zu’or of orchestrating a series of murders when they connect the victims to the now-defunct Blood Ties project, which used Taelon core energy to cure human illnesses.
  19. Apr-23-01 Hearts and Minds
    * Renee is torn between love and duty when her boyfriend Jeff Marlowe, who is in "deep cover" as a Volunteer aboard the Taelon mothership, is captured while infiltrating the weapons pod, which is off limits to humans. When they learn of his fate, Renee and Liam mount a rescue mission.
  20. Apr-30-01 Epiphany
    * The Taelons' decision to enter death stasis causes a rift between Zu'or and Da'an, who refuses to share the core energy he has accumulated. Meanwhile, Liam learns that he only has days to live.
  21. May-07-01 Dark Horizon
    * After a Jaridian energy beam turns several Taelon companion protectors into assassins, Zu'or demands that they be turned over to him in 24 hours - or he will open fire on Earth. Da'an, meanwhile, dispatches Liam to take the assailants alive; and Sandoval becomes a pawn of the Jaridians.
  22. May-14-01 Point of No Return
    * The Taelons' fate - and possibly Liam's - is decided after Liam and Renee find Ma'el's regeneration chamber. The discovery of the secret location causes the surviving Taelons and Jaridians to seek the mechanism, which promises to restore their draining energy. Street, meanwhile, solves the riddle of the eighth dimension and may be onto the ninth.

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