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1890 First Territorial Census, Union City TWP, OK
Enumerator: John W. Wright, District No. 30
Date: June 5, 1890, County: Fourth
The Small Portion I have lists only 1 MCHENRY family with a LOCKHEART, as follows;
MCHENRY, Charles H. (Head) w, m, 56, born Ala., Years in US-56, Res. in Territory-2 mos., Naturalized-X, Military Service-Co. G. 9th Ark. Inf.
MCHENRY, Melvina (wife) w, f, 29, born Tex., Years is US-29, Res. in Territory-2 mos., Naturalized-X
LOCKHEART, Minnie L. (niece) w, f, 18, born Ark., Years in US-18, Res. in Territory-2 mos., Naturalized-X
End of 1890 Union City TWP small portion I have copy of

1890 First Territorial Census, Twp T17 R1&2 County No. 1
Enumerator: Elmore T. TITUS, Enumeration District No. 17
DATE: June 7 & 8, 1890
The small portion I have copy of, lists 1 MCHENRY family. Their Res. in Territory was 13 mos. as of this enumeration.

MCHENRY, Samuel (Head) w, m, 40, born ILL, Years in US-40, Res. in Territory-13 mos., Military Service-nothing listed
........Martha E. (wife) w, f, 37, born MO, Years in US-37
........David T. (son) w, m, 17, born MO, Years in US-17
........Jacob M. (son) w, m, 12, born KS, Years in US-12
........Marion L. (son) w, m, 7, born KS, Years in US-7
End of small portion of Twp T 17 R1&2, OK, that I have copy of

1900 Cimarron TWP, Woods County, OK, June 4?, 1900
* Very Difficult to Read, so will list only the legible surnames from the portion I have copy of:

1910 Cimarron TWP, Major County, Town of Ames, OK
*Very Difficult to Read, so will list any legible surnames and any other legible information.

DAVIS, William M. (Head) m/w, 41, m1-15, MO, MO, ILL, Harness Maker
........Ida E. (wife) f/w, 42, m1-15, 2/2, KY, IN, KY, None
........Harry (son) m/w, 13, S, OK, MO, IN., None

HUGHES, John O. (Head) m/w, 33?, m1-11, MO, ILL, MO, Cashier
.......Maggie B. (wife) f/w, 30, m1-11, 2/2, KS, IL, IL, u??? Ca?
.......Willie ?. (son) m/w, 8, S, OK, MO, KS, None
.......Esther E. (dau) f/w, 4, S, OK, MO, KS, None
HANKINS, D/A? (Mother-in-law) f/w, 64, wd, 6/4, IL, US, US, None

BAWLING/BOWLING, Edmond I/J? (Head) m/w, 41, m2-6, IL, KY, KY, Physician?
.......Clara (wife) f/w, 25, m1-6, 0/0, IN, KY, IN, None
HERLIG/HETLIG, Jesa? (niece) f/w, 10, S, OK, PA, IN, None

SLICKER/STICKER?, John M. (Head) m/w, 52, m1-28, IN, US, IN, own?
.......Lena R. (wife) f/w, 48, m1-28, 6/5, IN., NC?, OH, None
.......Fay? A? (dau) f/w, 15, S, IN, IN, IN, None
.......Allen R. (son) m/w, 13, S, IN, IN, IN, None
.......Lonesse? S? (dau) f/w, 3, S, OK, IN, IN, None

COTTER, Charles (Head) m/w, 36, m1-13, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Dealer?
......Nettie M. (wife) f/w, 31, m1-13, 8/8, KS, IN, IL, None
......Hariet? L. (dau) f/w, 11, S, OK, Iowa, KS, None
......Margrette F. (dau) f/w, 10, S, OK, Iowa, KS, None
......Wagner C. (son) m/w, 9, S, OK, Iowa, KS, None
......Goldie O. (dau) f/w, 7, S, TX, Iowa, KS, None
......Evelyn M. (dau) f/w, 6, S, TX, Iowa, KS, None
......William C. (son) m/w, 5, S, TX, Iowa, KS, None
......Thelma O. (dau) f/w, 3, S, CO, Iowa, KS, None
......Audry? F. (dau) f/w, 1 1/12, OK, Iowa, KS, None

VINCENT, Arch (Head) m/w, 35, m1-3, KS, Eng.English, KY, own?
.........? (wife) f/w, 27, m1-3, 2/2, MO, OH, TN, None
.......Clayton? (son) m/w, 2, S, OK, KS, MO, None
.......Gladis M? (dau) f/w, 1 2/12, OK, KS, MO, None

HARRIS, David V. (Head) m/w, 42, m1-22, MO, US, US, Machinist
.......Ella F. (wife) f/w, 41?, m1-22, 2/2, MO, MO, Mo, None
.......Audrey (son) m/w, 16, S, MO, MO, MO, Laborer

BOWMAN, Fred O. (Head) m/w, 32, m1-8, OR, Iowa, IN, Operator
.......??ddie (wife) f/w, 27, m1-8, 1/1, Iowa, MO, Iowa, None
.......Fred O. Jr. (son) m/w, 2?, S, OK, OR, Iowa, None

?.......Edward E. (Head) m/w, 23, S, IL, VA, US, Proprietor
M?......S??? E. (Brother) m/w, 21, S, KS, VA, US, Proprietor?

MILES, Frank (Head) m/w, 41, wd, OH, OH, OH, Operator

DUTTON, George? W. (Head) m/w, 45, m1-26, AR, KY, KY, Laborer
........Ella J? (wife) f/w, 39, m1-26, 6/5, KS, LA, GA, None
........? (son) m/w, age?, S, AR, AR, KS, Salesman
........? R. (dau) f/w, 8, S, OK, AR, KS, None
........? W. (son) m/w, 4, S, AR, AR, KS, None

MITTES?, Trenton? W. (Head) m/w, 28, m1-5, KS, N.Y., OH, Merchant
........Carrie A. (wife) f/w, 22, m1-5, 2/2, GA, GA, GA, None
........Charles? B. (son) m/w, 3, S, GA, KS, GA, None
........Susie? V.? (dau) f/w, 1 7/12, GA, KS, GA, none

MASON?, Alice (Head) f/w, 52?, m2, IN, OH, OH
........Clifford C. (son) m/w, 12?, S, OK, IN, IN
........Harley/Harvey? A. (son) m/w, 7, S, OK, IN, IN

HARDIN?, Platt? (Head) m/w, 45?, m1-23?, IN, IN, IN
........Ida M. (wife) f/w, 40, m1-23, ?/6, KS, OH, IN
........? L. (son) m/w, 20?, S, KS, IN, KS
........Floyd P. (son) m/w, 8, S, OK, IN< KS
........Velma J. (dau) f/w, 6, S, KS, IN, KS
......Lester/Leslie B. (son) m/w, 3, S, OK, IN, KS
........Loren? W. (son) m/w, 2, S, OK, IN, KS

REYNOLDS, William D. (Head) m/w, 32, m1-9, Iowa, PA, IN
........Effie (wife) f/w, 31, m1-9, 3/2, MO, Va, Va
........Everett (son) m/w, 7, S, OK, Iowa, MO
........Eva (dau) f/w, 7, S, OK, Iowa, MO
DE???, Benjamin A. (Boarder) m/w, 49, D, IN, PA, PA

F??ffen or ffer, ? O. (Head) m/w, 53, m1-29, Il, Il, OH
........Phebe O. (wife) f/w, 56, m1-29, 7/7, MI, New?, OH
........Pearl (Dau) f/w, 26, S, IL, IL, MI
........Willie D. (Son) m/w, 21, S, KS, IL, MI
........Nellie E? (Dau) f/w, 17, S, KS, Il, MI
........Ira F. (Son) m/w, 14, S, OK, IL, MI

JORDON, Jesse (Head) m/w, 49, m1-17, IN, VA, OH
........Lizzie (wife) f/w, 34, m1-17, 5/3, IN, IN, IN
........Ined? G. (Dau)f/w, 11, S, OK, IN, IN
........G? (son) m/w, 6, S, OK, IN, IN
........Florence E. (dau) f/w, 2?, S, OK, IN, IN

BECKER, John W. (Head) m/w, 50, m1-23 Wisc., ?, Ger.German
........Luise (wife) f/w, 50, m1-23, 0/0, Ger.German, Ger. German, Ger. German

?????, William (Head) m/w, 58, m1-38, MO, PA, OH
........Abolina (wife) f/w, 61, m1-38, 11/8, Iowa, IN, OH

DAVIS, Samuel (Head) m/w, 86, m2-14, OH, VA, NC
.......Janetta (wife) f/w, 75, m2-14, 9/7, TN, TN, TN
End of 1910 Cimarron TWP, Major County, Town of Ames, Portion of Census copy I have

1910, Lawton Township, Comanche County, OK
Enumeration District No.53, Sheet No. 8A
Enumerator; Mrs. Bessie M. Tibbs, #4978
Ward of City; 4th, Enumerated 22 April, 1910

D Avenue Listings:
JONES, Harvey, m/b, 36, m1, 0, TX, TX, TX, Laborer
wife, Ella, f/b, 24, m1, 0, TX, TX, TX, Laundress

THERMAN,Lela (Head) f/w, 29, wd, 2/2, NE, IN, MO, Nurse
METZ, Lolland (son) m/w, 11, S, KS, ILL, NE, None

COCHRAN, Nancy A. (Head) f/w, 52, wd, AL, unknown parents, none
COCHRAN, Henry (son) m/w, 14, S, OK, Mass., AL, None
COCHRAN, Joseph (son) m/w, 17, S, OK, Mass., AL, None

JOHNSON, William S?, (Head) m/w, 42, m2-13, AL, unknown parents, Proprietor-Lunch Counter
JOHNSON, Abbie L. (wife) f/w, 29, m1-13, 6/2, MO, IL, IL, None
JOHNSON, Virgie L. (dau) f/w, 8, S, OK, AL, MO, None
JOHNSON, Carrie M. (dau) f/w, 5, S, OK, AL, MO, None

GROVER, Joseph (Head) m/w, 33, m1-3, IOWA, PA, PA, Proprietor-Lunch Counter
GROVER, Edna (wife) f/w, 18, m1-3, 1/1, MO, KY, MO, None
GROVER, George (son) m/w, 1 4/12, S, New Mex., IOWA, MO, None

E Avenue Listings
ELDRIGE, Joseph (Head) m/w, 29, m1-0, TN, USA, USA, Soldier US Army
ELDRIGE, Blanche (wife) f/w, 18, m1-0, S.Dak., MI, Unknown, None

STEVENS, Mary E. (Head) f/w, 49, wd, N.Y., N.Y., N.Y., Secretary-Larkin Club

DAVIS, William (Head) m/w, 37, m1-2, MO, TN, TN, Carpenter-House
DAVIS, Ida (wife) f/w, 22, m1-2, 0/0, MO, OH, OH, None

1st Street Listings:
SCOTT, Adam (Head) m/b, 29, m2-8, TX, Unknown, AL Farmer-Working Out
SCOTT, Orabell (wife) f/b, 29, m2-8, 2/2, TX, Unknown Parents, Laundress-At Home
SCOTT, Sylvester (son) 7, S, TX, TX, YX, None
SCOTT, Donald J.R., (son) m/b, 1 6/12, S, OK, TX, TX, None
COOK, Marshall (Rommer) m/b, 26, S, CO, CO, TN, Laborer

GERRETO, Meleo (Head) m/w, 22, m1-0, Mex., Mex., Mex., Immigrated 1901 Al, Laborer-Rock Crusher
GERRETO, Hallie (wife) f/w, 19, m1-0, Mex., Mex., Mex., None
SOPHARINO, Martinis (Roomer) m/w, 53, wd, Mex., Mex., Mex., None
MANSANA, Luez? (Rommer) m/w, 25, S, TX, Mex., Mex., Laborer-Rock Crusher

City Park Listings:
GIGOUGH, Ernest (Head) m/w, 31, m1-9, MO, KS, KY, Manager-Grain Elevator
GIGOUGH, Maud (wife) f/w, 31, m1-9, 4/4, OH, OH, OH, None
GIGOUGH, Fern (dau) f/w, 8, S, OK, MO, OH, None
GIGOUGH, Clifford (son) m/w, 7, S, OK, MO, OH, None
GIGOUGH, Hazel (dau) f/w, 2?, S, OK, MO, OH, None
GIGOUGH, Charley, (brother) m/w, 21, S, KS, KS, KY, Teamster-Elevator

CRAWFORD, Zeba? (Head) m/w, 31, m1-3, KS, US, US, Shipping Clerk-Wholesale House
CRAWGORD, Clara (wife) f/w, 41, m2-3, 1/1, Ind., Del., Del., None
GILBERT, George m/w, 85, S, England, Eng., Eng., Imigrated 1827, Trainer-Horses

SHELBY, Samuel (Head) m/w, 50, S, IL, TN, TN, Trainer-Horses

?ecker?, James (Head) m/w, 47, S, N.Y., Ireland, Scotland, Laborer-Race Track

COOPER, Frank (Head) m/w, 20 S, PA, PA, PA, Laborer-Race Track

STANG, Jacob (Head) m/w, 61, D, Ind., German, German, Cook-Rooming House

GRAHAM, John (Roomer) m/w, 66, S, N.Y., Ireland, Ireland, Foreman-Railroad

SULLIVAN, John (Roomer) m/w, 58, wd, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, Imigrated 1871, Laborer-Section

HOOD, Andy (Roomer) m/w, 66, wd, TN, TN, TN, Laborer-Section

ALLEN, John (Roomer) m/w, 42, S, AL, AL, AL, Laborer-Odd Jobs

HAUGHTON, Mackey (Head) m/w, 41, m1-20, TX, N.Y., N.Y., Trainer-Horses
End of 1910 Lawton Twp Portion, that I have copy of

1910 Garland TWP, Garfield County, OK
Enumeration District No. 18, Sheet No. 7-A
Enumerator: Asher A/W? DeSILVER or DeSILVA, #4513
Enumerated 29, April 1910.

PARK or PASK, Frank (Head) m/w, 24, m1-3, KS, Iowa, Ind., Farmer
............Grace (wife) f/w, 22, m1-3, 2/1, Iowa, OH, OH, None
......Sarena or Larena (dau) f/w, 2, S, KS, KS, Iowa, None

STORY?, Benjamin F?, (Head) m/w, 37, m2-2, Can. English, Can. English, Can. English, Imigrated 1875, Farmer
......Annila/Arvilla (wife) f/w, 28, m1-2, 0, NE, PA, N.Y., None
......Clifford (son of 1st marriage) m/w, 10, S, Iowa, Can. English, Canada, None

COLVIN, John M/W? (Head) m/w, 34, m1-7, KS, OH, OH, Farmer
........Daisy B/S? (wife) f/w, 27, m1-7, 0, MO, IL, MO, None

DAVIS, Henry C. (Head) m/w, 72, m1-45, OH, VA, VA, Farmer
.......Retta A. (wife) f/w, 62, m1-45, 11/8, VA, VA, VA, None
.......Hayes A. (son) m/w, 33, S, KS, OH, VA, Labore-Working Out
.......Ben H. (son) m/w, 20, S, KS, OH, VA, None
LYNCH, Clarence? (Grandson) m/w, 22, S, KS, US, W.VA, Laborer-Odd Jobs

DAVIS, Charles E. (Head) m/w, 37, m1-17, KS, OH, VA, Farmer-General Farm
.......Lulu (wife) f/w, 30, m1-17, 3/3, KS, IL, IL, None
.......Grant (son) m/w, 16, S, KS, KS, KS, Farmer-At Home
.......Ruth (dau) f/w, 15, S, KS, KS, KS, None
.......Lucy (dau) f/w, 13, S, OK, KS, KS, None

DAVIS, William F. (Head) m/w, 36, m1-10, KS, OH, VA, Farmer-General Farm
.......Ida (wife) f/w, 34, m1-10, 3/3, MO, Iowa, Iowa, None
.......Wilbur C? (son) m/w, 8, S, OK, KS, MO, None
.......Elsie M. (dau) f/w, 6, S, MO, KS, MO, None
.......Goldie O. (dau) f/w, 1+?, OK, KS, MO, None

DUNCAN, Arthur (Head) m/w, 27, m1-12, MO, TN, TN, Farmer-Genral Farm
........Cora (wife) f/w, 31, m1-12, 2/2, MO, TN, MO, None
........Ivan E. (son) m/w, 9, S, OK, MO, MO, None
........Pearl (dau) f/w, 6, S, OK, MO, MO, None

RICHARDS, William N/H/K? (Head) m/w, age?, m1-26, Wisc., N.Y., ?Welsh, Farmer
.........Augusta (wife) f/w, 45, m1-26, 7/5, N.Y., Ger.German, Ger.German, None
.........William F/G? (son) m/w, 22, S, Neb., Wisc., N.Y., Farmer-At Home
.........Roy (son) m/w, 18, S, Neb., Wisc., N.Y., None
.........Ruth D. (dau) f/w, 12, S, Wisc., Wisc., N.Y., None.
.........Hazel M. (dau) f/w, 6, S, Iowa, Wisc., N.Y., None
End of 1910 Garland TWP portion, that I have copy of

1920 Garfield County, Enid, OK
Enumerated: 7, January, 1920
District No. 55, Sheet No. 8, Ward of City #4

North Twelfth Listings:
BURNS, Owen (Head) R, m/b?, 36?, m
.........? (wife) f/b?, 36?, m,br> .......Owen Jr. (son) m/b?, 2
.......Irene? (dau) f/b?, 6
.......Marjory C. (dau) f/b?, 4 10/12
.......Thomas C? (son) m/b?, 1

BAKER, George E. (Head) R, m/w, 19, m, ?, IN, IL, Lineman Telephone Co.
.......Agatha (wife) f/w, 17, m, ?, MO, ?

East Broadway Listings:
SCHENBERGER, Clara (Head) o/m, f/w, 44, w2, OH, OH, OH
STONEBILL, Emma (Dau) f/w, 16, S, IN, OH, OH
STONEBILL, Dorthy W. (Dau) f/w, 1 0/12, OK, OH, OH

ANDERSON, Manley (Head) R, m/w, 28, m, MO, MO, ?, Driver?
........Nellie (wife) f/w, 27, m, KS, ?, ?, None

HICKMAN, John W. (head) R, m/w, 36, m, CO, MO, KS, Box Maker
........Celia M. (wife) f/w, 32, m, OK, KS, KS, None
........John W. Jr. (son) m/w, 4 11/12, S, OK, CO, OK

TRUINSON?, Henry (Head) o/m, m/w, 62, m, IN, IN, IN, Farmer?
...........Christia (wife) f/w, 57, m, PA, PA, PA, None

DAVIS, William (Head) o/m, m/w, 51, m, MO, MO, TN, Shoe Maker-Shoe Shop
.......Ida E. (wife) f/w, 50, m, IN, KY, KY, None
BUSH, Ruby M. (Boarder/Lodger), 3 11/12, S, OK, TN, KY
JUNELL, Manuel/Maxwel? N. (Head) R, m/w, 28, m, TX, Miss., TX, Painter-Automobiles
JUNELL, Olive M., (wife) f/w, 24, m, TX, TN, KY

East Maple Listing:
RODIN, Adolph (Head) o/f, m/w, 58/38?, m, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Carpenter
.......Laura J. (wife) f/w, 33, m, IL, OH, ?
.......Csil? O. (son) m/w, 17, S, OK, Sweden, IL
.......Joseph (son) m/w, 14, S, KS, Sweden, IL
.......Paul (son) m/w, 8, S, OK, Sweden, IL
.......Marion (son) m/w, 8/12, OK, Sweden, IL
My copy cuts off there, could possibly be more RODINS.

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