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These are the BASIC rules for the users on #USA.
Most of them are self-explanatory and just common no-nonsense rules.

Use your own discretion as to the meaning of the rules, as they do not need much explanation :)

1: No swearing, obscenities, or vulgarities
2: No sexually explicit or obscene nicks
3: No advertising of IRC channels or Mass Invites
4: No autogreets on join or exit
5: English language ONLY, take other languages to private chats
6: No over usage of CAPS, Caps are considered as Yelling on IRC!!
7: No harassing of the OPs ( That WILL get you kicked/banned )
8: No rudeness toward other users or obnoxious behavior
9: No remarks about a users ethnic, morals, or religious beliefs
10: No remarks about a users sexual preferences
11: Do not ask or beg for OPs. We do the choosing!
12: No Flooding with text, nick changes, wavs, action, ASCII characters, or ASCII art!
13: Political talk isn't tolerated. We really don't care how many of you love Osama Bin Laden.
13: Have a great time!! :)))

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A violation of any of these rules may result in a kick/ban.
Repeating them may get you akicked.

How to become an AOP and join the #USA family


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