The Operators of #USA

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Each of the Ops in #USA has earned their position through trust,
common sense and sincerity. All the Ops here have come to know
that they are part of the USA Family, and knows that when one of them
is in need, everyone else will be right there to help them. Most of them
have been an Op in #USA a long time, but even our newest Ops are made
to feel welcome.
Our Ops come from all over the world, not just the United States as
the channel name portrays. Some of our Ops are in Norway, Sweden,
Brasil, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait and yes, we
even have a few right here in the USA. Some of them are in Missouri
Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, Wisconsin,
Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Kentucky. As you can see, we have Ops from
all over the globe and they all have a unique personality to match.
You will find the Ops of #USA to be a friendly bunch, some of them
talk all the time *cough* MouseInTheHouse, s0n|k, Jivie *cough* and some of them
talk rarely *cough Jazzy,cough*, and a few of them don't talk at all
(*whisper* buzzard- will fool you sometimes ;)
but they are none the less part of the #USA Op Team.

We hope you will find them as pleasant and as fun as we do.

Welcome to the personalities of the #USA Op Team :)

opsbullet2.gif (775 bytes)opsbullet1.gif (1357 bytes)The Founder of #USAopsbullet1.gif (1357 bytes)opsbullet2.gif (775 bytes)
(A sister, friend, friendly flirt of #USA)

opsbullet1.gif (1357 bytes)The SOP's of #USAopsbullet1.gif (1357 bytes)opsbullet2.gif (775 bytes)
(The people that try to maintain sanity in #USA)

opsbullet2.gif (775 bytes)opsbullet1.gif (1357 bytes)The AOP's of #USAopsbullet1.gif (1357 bytes)opsbullet2.gif (775 bytes)
(The best Ops & people you will find on all of the net)

opsbullet2.gif (775 bytes) Ops Note:  All of our ops are greatly appreciated and are paid a nice lump sum for their duties :p opsbullet2.gif (775 bytes)

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