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¤ •´¯¥¯`• Shadows in the Night •´¯¥¯`• ¤

¤¥º SiN º¥¤

•~ ¤ "Turmoil Lies Within" ¤ ~•

Guild Application

The dark guild of SiN rises again from the swirling ashes, entering back into the council of AoRG.
The shadows roam into the castle that was once the great guild hall, wich is theirs' to call home.
They are one with the one is greater than they...whom blend with the darkness...
The great name of SiN has been recalled from the burnings to once again rise up and sweep the land! We are the Shadows in the Night.
Join us in our domination of Rhydin.

Guild Rooms: SiN Hall Recruiting        DevilsBlyud Tavern

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cut Here~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


1. List your Screen name in lower case letters.

2. What is your name?

3. What alignment to you claim?

4. What is your race/skills/gender?

5. How long have you been in Rhydin?

6. What other guilds are you in? What are your ranks?

7. How do you roll dice (the string)?

8. Mark the ones that you know.

[ ] Spar
[ ] HM
[ ] SM
[ ] DM
[ ] PoW
[ ] Rezz
[ ] VCM
[ ] Mun
[ ] (( ))

9. Do you fear death?

10. Tell us a little about you.

11. Are you Non-Combative or Combative?

12. Which class best fits you?
[ ]Warrior [ ]Gaurd [ ]Adviser
[ ]Healer [ ]Enchanter [ ]Trainer
[ ]Assassin [ ]spy [ ]Other

13. Member who recruited you: Ğaal Redvern (SN: daalorus)

your Mark is your oath , betray Or cross the Guild and ye become an Outcast on the hunt a traitor and yer life will be ripped from ye soul yer blood drained into the dirt .. yer life is that of SiN's revenge ..
                        Sign Here    X _________               

return to Winde 666, diahndra, and Eviib~~please remove the '%20' that appear infront of the SNs.

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