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Be sure to chech back often, for I plan to update whenever I feel like updating. Be sure to chech back often, for I plan to update whenever I feel like updating. Be sure to chech back often, for I plan to update whenever I feel like updating.

Ok, I know that somebody out there must like this stuff!!  Each link will take you to a BLANK page ('cept for a banner), and will play some cool music.(why i did this) If you have something that you would like to share with me and others, then let me know! Here is the list you can currently choose from: 

If you like what you hear, (especially if on AOL), then just put it in your Fave Places!!

Atma Weapon Blind
Celes SMRPG   Bowser's Keep Self Esteem
Daryl SMRPG Boss Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)
FF3 End Game SMRPG Battle Cemetery Gates
FF3 Final Battle

SMRPG Big Boss

Kefka SMRPG Main Theme Smells Like Teens Spirit
Golbez ChronoTrigger's Black Omen Killing in the Name of... Kashmir
FF7 02 ChronoTrigger's Schala Bulls on Parade 1979
FF7 17 ChronoTrigger's Magus Tom Sawyer Santaria
FF7 20 One For Those About to Rock...
FF7 31 (NES)Zelda Main Theme Of Wolf and Men AeroPlane
FF7 47 (NES)Zelda Dungeon Enter Sandman Under the Bridge
FF7 59 Wherever I May Roam I've Got Frends (GBrooks)
FF7 89 SMRPG MidiCollection(zip) Hero of the Day Eulogy
FF7 90 And Justice For All.... AEnema

    Allright, for some bullshit reason, my sources for some of the Mids just decided to shut up and go away!  I'm working on getting the damn things working again, so, please, just be patient.


I know that i am not the only person in the world that needed one!   "What, what?", you ask.  A Win95/NT/98 Macro Recorder!  Let this little bug do all of your repititive work for you!!   I use mine to click on that Onlne Casino banner every hour.

ImageMaps are great, and I'm working on making one.  For what, i dunno.  But, i'll figure out something for this page, I promise!  If you wanna help me and make one to see if i like it better than what i have, then get (157K) here!   If, you wanna (or need) to know how this this works, then, try here first :)

Roms and Emulators!!  Yes, i have them, but, you cannot download them UNLESS you agree to use them for educational purposes AND already own an original copy of the game.   DO NOT download these if you do not agreee with the abouve.  Below, is a list of pretty much all of the RPG roms I have, to save time, download the Assloads.  All NES ROMs will that i have opperate on the NESticle.  All SNES ROMs, on the ZNES. All of the SNES ROMs should be english translated, if not, i appologize, and, I would like you to mail me to let me know!

NESsticle Emu  FF6(E)
I think that it is just sad that all of these roms FF:MQ
Breath of Fire ChronoTrigger
were lost.  I will be working on geting them Breath of Fire2 Zelda3: Link to the Past
Lufia2:  Rise of the...

back, So, do check

here again in the future.


This is a list of my fav fonts, and some of the ones used on my page.  If you take my word on how pimp they are, then download them here.  If you would like to see what they look like first, or want more choices (MACs, too), GoTo:   This Guy even tells you how to make your own fonts, so, if you have the time, chech it out!

JoeFolk For Windows            Sharpie for Windows            JuniorPopstar for Windows

HellMoney for Windows         IronDale for Windows          Wichita for WIndows


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