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Dark Creatures United


The Horde


A new house in The Horde fathomed by Dread IronClaw.  There was little representation of what are often referred to as the darker races, those of goblins, minotaurs, ogres, trolls, etc.  So, I, Dread, decided to unite those of our brethren.  To do so, I got out my small tent and created an Inn for any member who wanted to stay, should they need a house or a place to hide, The Last Stop Inn.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cut Here~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Screen Name:




Do you know how to fight?

Do you know how to roll dice?

Are you currently in The Horde?

    If so, What is your status?

List all other guilds, ranks, and Forums.



Please choose a division and/or job you wish to be listed as

( ) Foot Soldier             ( ) Mounted Soldier         ( ) Gunner/Archer

( ) Heavy Ballista           ( ) Demolitionist               ( ) Muraider/Raider

( ) Other:______________________

The Last Stop Inne staff

( ) Bouncer                     ( ) Bar Tender                 ( ) Other:_________________



( ) body gaurd             ( ) Spy                                 ( ) Assassin

( ) Healer                    ( ) Advisor                           ( ) Animal Breeder

( ) Smith                     ( ) Bar/Inn Owner                 ( ) Sub Guild Leader under this house

( ) Other:______________________


Member who recruited you:  Daal Redvern   (daalorus)

Do you, ______,  swear loyalty to D.C.U. and any guild that you belong to under this House and to the leaders of D.C.U and any sub guild. Also to if offended by any action of ethier D.C.U or a sub guild to report it and not to take violence to the people within D.C.U or a sub guild.


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