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Here are some of our stories. There are not too many right now but I hope that will change. If you would like to add your own story, please send it to: Please include your name (a nicname is fine) and the subject line "My Story". Thanks!


Alex is a good friend of mine, much of the content in this website is from his site on cousin marriage called "Cousin Marriage Links", Thanks Alex!.

My name is Alex, I'm French and am living in France. I'm 21. I met my cousin for the first time in August 1996. We were together during only a small week, and we just matched. I didn't realize how special she was to me, till I had to leave her... A year later, I finaly had the "guts" to tell her my true fellings, and we deeply fell in love ! But as most of us had or have, we had some little problems, boo hoo ... I live in France, and she lives in the USA !!! Aaaaaaaaah, THAT kills ! We both are Christians, Protestants, and didn't really know what God was thinking about a such relationship !!! Are we God's best choice for each others ??? We were scared of WHAT our familly could think about us, and didn't really know how to tell them our story ! Our dream was to have Kids, but... is it possible without any birth defects ??? Time passed, and we finaly told the truth to our parents... It happened that they were not angry too much, surprised, yes, but not upset, and the first thing they were thinking about was the possible birth defects of our futur children. As I'm living in France, I didn't see her parents (My Aunt & Uncle) yet, and didn't get to talk with them. But with the help and advice of many people I talk with and met since I'm hosting this site, I knew how her parents felt : Kindda ashamed ! I've decided to write them a letter with the aim of showing them that being in love with a cousin is more common than they might certainly think. The answer to this letter was not really what I was hoping for, but I kept "fighting" and explaining them that there was nothing wrong with our situation ! I think it's just a question of "getting used to it", and with time, I prayed they'll be understanding, and will finaly see how much my cuz and I were in love, and take an entire part in our happiness...

BUT: Now that we have trought all those steps, that our parents know everything... she called me and said IT'S OVER... I don't explain you how Down I was, and if God wasn't there to cheer me up, I would probably be in hell at this time ! I didn't understand... she gave me no explaination... I've decided to leave everything I had in France, my studies, my family, my friends, to go there and find out what was going on. I honestly tell you I thought she would change her mind and come back to me... but, she 's just ignored me during 4 weeks ! I understood she didn't want me to be there, and that she would be happier if I wasn't bothering her... so for her only happiness, I left, I left with a broken heart ! Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure. I want to thank everyone for having visited my page, and for showing their solidarity with all the one who are In Love With Their Cousin. To all the one that are like me, kindda lost : "Dreams are not made to be thought, but to be lived" ...I don't really know if it's the right place for this expression, but I like it, :0)


Hi, my name is Ang(take is what my sweetheart calls me). I live in Florida and so does my cousin.(the same town) Just wanted to let you know that I think what you are doing is great. I thought that what David and I were going through was strange. Well, as it turns out it is very common, the problem is that people do not talk about it. I have found out is that alot of people still think that cousin should not marry, especially my ex-husband. He said that I was sick(in the head) for being in love with my cousin. He is also making comments to our five year old about my relationship with David. He does not understand that it is bibical correct for David and I to marry if we chose to (and we do)and the state of Florida does allow cousin marriages. David's and My family accept our relationship and if the rest of the family does not it would not change the fact that WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!! David and I have been hiding our feeling from each other for fifteen years, we just open up to each other Easter Weekend. It has been heaven since. The both of us have always been best friend and always had a very special bond and a wonderful connection between us. Now we know why. We were to scared to ask the other person, til I had to open my big mouth. Thank God, I did. This is one time I am glad I did. Ang, Florida


I'm from the Philippines. Here, cousin marriages are banned. Our law states that one cannot marry a relative up to the fourth civil degree for reasons of public policy. Thank goodness, it isn't incest, but it's still a source of agony. The woman I fell in love with is my equally aged first cousin, daughter of my father's brother. She was so lovely and gracious, and I never thought I would fall for her myself. She and I knew each other since childhood, and I thought we were really close, that it sealed our friendship forever. We were after all good friends. I was wrong. I developed my liking for her when we were in our teens. My sister said I can take her on dates for school parties, if ever I would go to one. That opened me the option that maybe my cousin could become my girlfriend. How was I to know that desire would so consume me? I wanted to be romantically involved with my cousin. 1992, her father was mysteriously shot and killed outside her house. I feared for her since that tragic event, and now I wanted to be with her always. When I admitted my desire to her, she was furious. She did everything she could to avoid me. I went after her in school. I wished we could do public displays of affection. But she seemed to hate me and avoided me at every step. She was, of course, afraid of social opinion and traditional moral law. One time I was so persistent, she flared up and drove me away. I was crushed. Through maturity, we have reconciled, we talk to each other now, but it may be only partial reconciliation, I feel. I don't know if she's willing to entertain the idea of a cousin romance. I'm still waiting. Other cousin couples who love each other should feel lucky; not everyone has a cousin who says yes. Mine said no. She has no liking for me, none that I know of yet. We are both 23 this early 1999 and I believe there are more years of hope for us, but things look bleak. It is my hope that God will bring us together in the end. Who knows, it might be his will to make it come true. Today, I wait, and here I tell my story for you to know.


I had known my cousin, Steve, all my life. I had always thought he was attractive, but it never occured to me that he was the one for me due to all the social bias of our society. It wasn't until the summer of 97 that we really got to know each other. We spent as much time together as we could while I was in Pensacola, Florida that summer. Then we went our separate ways. I lived in Denver, Colorado and he lived in Atlanta, Georgia. After a two day road trip from Pensacola to Denver, I sat down at my father's computer and checked my email. There, waiting for me to read, was exactly how Steve felt about me. We've been together ever since and are now both living in Atlanta as a happy, married couple. His family was angry at first, but have come to accept us and welcome us in their home. My family, however, will welcome me back, but will not welcome Steve. They continue to tell us that we are wrong for loving each other and hate Steve for all that they say he has done. Our love for each other continues to grow everyday and with every obstacle we face, our love grows that much stronger.


My cousin and I met about 6 years ago after not seeing each other in about 10 years. We became the best of friends. Whenever we were together we were inseparable. I guess I loved him even then... just couldn't admit it. Nearly two years ago I moved to Chicago and lived with my cousin. It was great fun being with my best friend all the time. The only problem was I was in love with him, and I was afraid he'd think I was wierd. As it turned out he was thinking the same thing. For several months We both lied to ourselves and each other about how we felt. This made us very unhappy. In the end we confessed to each other and have been much happier ever since! We want to get married but there are a couple of problems with that
1)We have not told the relatives yet.
2)We live in Illinois where cousin marriage is only legal if you are over the age of 55