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The Center for American Freedom's Policy Analyses

The Center for American Freedom's research and critical reasoning towards policies going through our country make up our fine-tuned and top-notch group of policy analyses. Both sides are studied, opinions are examined, and then CAF makes its stance on the subject.


~Campaign Finance Reform~

How to logically attack the fallacies thrown out by those who want to control campaign finances. Deals with the most popular issues in this subject, from corruption in government to the 1st Amendment freedoms of speech and assembly

~The Impeachment of President Clinton~

Deals with the point of leadership and how our current president fails to be a moral leader for America, and for what reasons he should be dismissed from office

~Arms Transfers~

Analyzes the deadly impacts that the proliferation of destructive weapons have on not only American national security, but the lives of people all around the world

~OSHA and Workplace Fatalities~

The idea of enlightened self-interest is one that is positive for everyone. The employers look out for number 1- their company. The company is not helped by injured or dead employees; it is crippled. Enlightened self-interest, known by its common name, "greed", is the cause of less workplace fatalities. OSHA is not the solution to every problem facing employers and employees- capitalism and all its parts are the solution.~

~The Case against the U.S. Department of Education~

Over half of elementary and secondary students do not demonstrate competency in basic subject matters such as English and mathematics. Deals with the devastating impact the Federal Education Department has had on American society

~The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy~

The Revolutionary War was fought for freedom -- freedom from excessive government intrusion. One of the main reasons for rebellion was taxes: "no taxation without representation." Today, because the government taxes unrestrictedly, even taxation with representation is considered disastrous. Our fourth Chief Justice, John Marshall, once said, "The power to tax is the power to destroy." Since the conception of the 16th Amendment and the income tax, this statement has proven to be all too true.