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Welcome to the Center for American Freedom! The Center for American Freedom is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitution and American freedoms, while educating the American public on how to morally and wisely use their freedoms.

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The Gestapo of the United States of America

It is time for a change. The IRS cannot collect revenue needed by Congress without acting in a manner inconsistent with and completely contrary to personal freedoms. As Dr. Richard W. Rahn states, “The Internal Revenue Service as it exists today is incompatible with a free society. It is intrusive and, by its every nature, contrary to the fundamental rights of citizens.” This agency must not be allowed to continue its blatant violations of American rights if freedom is to remain protected in the United States.

The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy

The Revolutionary War was fought for freedom -- freedom from excessive government intrusion. One of the main reasons for rebellion was taxes: "no taxation without representation." Today, because the government taxes unrestrictedly, even taxation with representation is considered disastrous. Former Chief Justice John Marshall once said, "The power to tax is the power to destroy." Since the conception of the 16th Amendment and the income tax, this statement has proven to be all too true.

The Lessons We Learn From Colorado

A society with guns is a safer society than one without them. Laws are not the solution. What then does America need to prevent situations like Littleton? It needs a change of heart. For years, discipline and religion have been beaten out of the educational process. The result? A rebellious, dangerous, and immoral generation has been created.