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Breed Manager 2.0

Breed Manager

Screens are shown in Windows 95 format. Windows 3.1 looks slightly different.

Breed Manager's Report configuration window.
The type of Report is selected at left. The horse for the report is selected from the list at center. Other options are available depending on the type of Report selected. Here you can choose a 4-Generation or a 5-Generation Report.
Breed Manager's Report Menu

Another Report Configuration. Here a Breeding Report has been selected for the breeding records in 1996 only. The report will be sorted by the owner of the mare.
Selecting a Breeding Report

Breed Manager Version 2.0 includes Report Previews.
You can now preview ALL reports on-screen before printing. Here is the above configured Breeding report. Note that the report is sorted by the owner of the mare. A subtotal is shown of the breeding fees for each owner and a new page is automatically started each owner. Great if you are breeding a lot of outside mares!
Report Preview screen

Here is a preview of Breed Manager's 5-generation Pedigree Report
5-Generation Pedigree Report

Here is a Preview of Breed Manager's Offspring Report
Offspring Report

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