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Len Rosol's Beer Coasters

Welcome to Len Rosol's Beer Coasters. This page was started on 1/11/99, I expect it to be fully functional by the end of February, 1999. I expect to have beer coasters available for sale or trade, and an online Pennsylvania Beer Coaster encyclopedia.

I am an advanced collector of Pennsylvania beer coasters, and I recently started adding microbrewery and brewpub coasters to my collection. I have about 650 Pennsylvania coasters, and about 600 US Microbrewery coasters.

I'm always interested in adding new PA coasters to my collection, and in trading US microbrewery coasters. If you have these available, please us the link at the bottom of the page to contact me.

I also am interested in potluck trades of 1-50 microbrew coasters with anyone. Contact me if interested


Old US Coasters for Sale or Trade.

Pennsylvania Coaster Encyclopedia.

Microbrewery coasters for trade/sale

PA coaster want list (known)

National brewery coasters for sale

Other Beer Items for sale.


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Interested in trading coasters? Add your name, interests, and email address to this microbrewery coaster bulletin board. You can also link to this page from your own, let's get some trading going!