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*^~^*BaNd MeMbErs*^~^*

*^~^*Bathtub holiday formed one cold winters night in December of 1997, by Maureen Sullivan, a young, inspired girl with a guitar and mad passion, (he-he), who placed an ad in local London ontario magazine "Scene".*^~^*

*^~^*^*Around this same time, LaRa*, another young, inspired girl, also containing mad passion (he-he) was reading the magazine. When she came across the ad placed by Maureen stating she wanted to form an all girl group inspired by Hole, Veruca Salt, Radiohead, and Belly, she called right away.*^~^*^*

*~*^~After playing togethor for a little while, with a few other, sometimes rather amusing musicians, the crazy two somehow stumbled apon Ian Montgomery, a feisty young guitarist with not so much passion, but a big love for the pixies. Despite his gender, he was A-o.k., and recruited right away.*~*^~

^*^~~^**A very long time later, sometime in May 0f 1998, Dave Frederick was plucked up to be in this hopeful young band. How? well, Maureen had placed another ad in said magazine stating...some stuff I can't quite remember, but alls well that ends well! Daves a great drummer.^*^~~**

~**~**~**~Bathtub Holiday played their first gig a few days later.... and the rest is a piece of history.......