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Hole, sonic youth,
the breeders, the smashing pumpkins,
pavement, babes in toyland,
the pixies, dayglo abortions,
the dead kennedies, the germs,
the cars, echo & the bunnymen,
romeovoid, the pet shop boys,
dexxis midnight runners,
the psycedelic furs,
the bloody zuckerbaby,
treble sloan,
veruca salt, harvey danger,
the weekend,
bunny hoover, mum,<
the mc5,
the superfrendz,
garbage, fleetwood mac,
sleater-kinney, L7,

the foo fighters, green day (shuttup!),
PULP, the sex pistols,

the age of electric,
the mighty mighty bosstones, jale,
rem. the pogues,
the dandy warhols, the bauhaus,
Janes addiction,the amps,
the red aunts
the age of electric, les savy fav,
the velvet underground,
the new grand, free kitten,
the skids,
the hellacopters,

nashville pussy,
the ramones,
HARD CORE LOGO!!!,pluto,
the hollandales,
no doubt,
the clash,
the motels,the crystal method,
the beastie boys,
the squirrel nut zippers, the Vs,
champion sprout, blur(except song2..uuh)
mystery machine,
the slits, the king pins,
shout!,the inbreds,
the toilet boys,
the vapids,
ross dailey, the cramps,
the new york dolls,
good riddance, angel dust,
radio head, mollies revenge
the terminal wallies,
the beastie boys,
the mooney suzuki,blonde
redhead,tricky woo,
danko jones,
thrush hermit,
Helium,Erics Trip
elevator to hell,jale,THE FALLLeNCiao BeLLaThe Donnas...
i know there not bands but, billy bragg, fiona apple, tori amos, ani difranco, jewel(you shuttup to!), gary numan, patti smith,billie holiday, elliot smith, carol king,little miss moffat...and more and more...