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The Stickmen Deaths Page


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New Death! SMDP Christmas Special II!, Our first game!!! Check the animations page!

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Welcome to the Stickmen Deaths Page. One of the coolest stickdeath sites on the net'! Click the thing below if you have MSIE!

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A NEW picture of Meta Knight (this picture was taken Dec. 15, 2000)!!!
Meta Knight is a 13 year old guy that lives in Ontario, Canada. He loves Kirby games, the likes Console RPGs, Vision Of Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Manga, Anime, Making Stick-Deaths, Final Fantasy, Playstation (& PS2), ElectronicBoutique stores and the Chamber Of Farts!!

Sorry, about the blurriness, but the light screwed it up but still, it's Majin_Trunks!!!
Majin_Trunks is a 13 year old guy that lives in British Columbia, Canada. He likes making Flash movies, reading/watching anime and manga, making real movies, and watching Tom Green and works for a company called Deadly Inc. (MetaKnight doesn't even knows what Deadly Inc. does... oh well)

Yeah!! 40000+ Hits!! YOU GUYS (or gals) RULE!!!
By the way... i figured out that some AOL (*gasp*!) or as Majin_Trunks refers to it "AOHell" users visited this site!!! I got a good tip...

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