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Fan Fiction Archive

Here is the place where all the Touched by An Angel Fan Fiction
will be archived for you to enjoy! Your story could be here. Send it in!

Archived February 26, 1999
A Touched By An Angel/Xfiles Crossover
Title: A Fire For The Truth 1/4
Author: WebAngel Hazel
Other URL:
Rating: PG
Classification: General Audience
Summary: Monica has her hands full substituting as Agent Fox Mulder's
new FBI partner while his partner, Agent Dana Scully, lies in the hospital.
Her job is to bring the truth, but will something ancient, something evil
steal his soul right from under an angel's nose? Meanwhile, Andrew has
his own assignment with Agent Scully. Will the truth triumph in the end?

Archived June 23, 1999
A Touched By An Angel Story
Title: Truth Trek
Author: Webangel Hazel
Other URL:
Rating: G
Classification: General Audience, Sci-fi fans will love this one
Summary: Monica, Tess and Andrew attend a Star Trek Convention to
help a man who believes his mother was kidnapped by aliens.
This one is amusing and it's quite an adventure.

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