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Aimee's Gen Fanfiction

This page created on May 21, 1998. Moved to Angelfire on January 13, 1999.

Welcome, everyone, to my fanfiction page! This is where I keep my general-audiences fanfic. Come one, come all! I only have two gen stories right now: one Due South story and one Pretender story. Enjoy!

WARNING: This page is still under construction. Not all of the links are active yet.

Tears: A Due South story. A look at Ray K's thoughts during the last few minutes of the episode "Ladies' Man." G.

Epiphany: A Pretender story. What was Miss Parker thinking during "Bloodlines," the season finale? PG.

Or you can read my Profiler fanfic!

Like it? Hate it? Want more? Let me know at

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