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Ahiru no Pekkle's Page!!

Before I go on, I'd just like to thank everybody for the great feedback I've been getting about my page! It really means a lot, so please keep on writing!

NEW! Please visit my new page, where you will see some of my non-Pekkle related art work. Of course, as soon as I get access to a scanner, it will no longer exclude Pekkle.

Why a page just for Pekkle? Well, for the sole purpose that there aren't very many out there on the net, and I figured it was about time this cute little duck got his 15 minutes of fame.

Who is Ahiru no Pekkle, anyway?

Pekkle is, in my opinion, the best of all the characters Sanrio has produced over the years. A wanna-be lifeguard who has a little trouble swimming, Pekkle hails from Australia. He is one very laid-back duck and at first glance he might even look a bit lazy! But if there ever was an unlikely hero, it is Pekkle. He is extremely loyal, especially to his girlfriend, Ruby, and his constant aquatic companion, Pich the fish. In return all of his friends love him dearly. As clumsy as he appears, Pekkle is a very talented dancer and body surfer and most times you can find him down on the beach with his friends. His birthday is July 27th.

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