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Fun Stuff
... fun online games - including:
board, word, arcade, card and dice games

Comedy Central
... just for laughs.

This Site Rocks
... funny video's and pictures.

... cute animated e-cards.

Misheard Lyrics
... this is hilarious.

Hello Crazy (Formerly OhMyGoodness)
... funny animated greetings.

The Daily Humorscope
... get your daily 'humorscope'.

Today's Cartoon
... cartoons by Randy Glasbergen.

Yahoo Chat
... a great chat place.

Joe Cartoon
... cartoons for adult audiences.


(Free things you should have)


Something you can't live without.   ;-)



A great MP3 player.



For all your MP3 needs. And maybe something more. :-)


Screen Antics - Johnny Castaway Screensaver
Johnny Castaway Screensaver

One of the best screensavers I've ever seen!. This screensaver originally came
from Sierra On-Line, Inc., I believe in 1996. But don't let the age of this screensaver
scare you away. The creators no longer have the download on their site so it's very
hard to get these days. You can still find it at various screensaver sites but I like it
so much that I decided to make it available here. Trust me it's worth it. Johnny is
stranded on an island and has many adventures and things happening day and night!
There seems no end to this screensaver although some people I gave it to have seen
the end. When it installs it will be listed under your screensavers as 'Screen Antics'.
NOTE: This is not a link, clicking on the picture will give you a direct download of
this fabulous screensaver. (Compatible with all Windows versions)


Webshot's Desktop
Webshots Desktop

The best wallpaper manager around. Download Webshots then pick from
thousands of great wallpapers or add your own with this easy to use software.
Tons of great features. It can also be used as a slide-show screensaver.

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