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ASCII Art is the art of drawing diagrams and pictures using the 'ASCII' character set.   ASCII stands for 'American Standard Code for Information Interchange'.   In simple terms,  it is drawing pictures with the characters of a keyboard or typewriter.   Since it is done using a typewriter or a computer,  obviously it's not usually coloured.   But some of the ASCII art on my page is coloured because of someone named 'Joan Stark'  -  who took the time to colour it with html code.   :-)   ASCII art can be used in e-mail by 'copying and pasting' it into the e-mail.

In my travels on the net,  I have come across some amazing ASCII Art.   This art is not only very interesting but also very time consuming to create.   And I realize that there are some programs out there that can make this kind of art,  but there's also many people who do it as a hobby  -  using just Windows Notepad,  a keyboard and a monitor.   And since I don't have the time or the patience myself to do this,  :-)  (that smiley is about as 'artsy' as I get...hehe)  I have included here some fabulous links to some people who do.   I also want to give credit to 'Joan Stark' for all the ASCII art on my page.   I borrowed it.   ;-)   Thanx Joan.   Go check out her site,  it's awesome.

NOTE:   The only problem with ASCII art is you must view it with a fixed-width font,  such as Courier
or Fixedsys.   If this art looks screwed up to you,  then you need to change your viewing font.   :-)




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