Schedule 1978 Great American Peace Pilgrimage
Song for Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage

Here is the retyped text of a song on the schedule of the January 1978 Great American Peace Pilgrimage from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica California to introduce the Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist monks to the interpreting spokesman of the traditional religious leaders of the Hopi Independent Nation, Thomas Banyacya.

The song was written for the tune of Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" by David Crockett Williams and his mate, Carolynne Diane Fargey, who took part in this peace pilgrimage led by Rev. Masao Nippashi whose first name sounds like the Hopi word for the Great Spirit, and whose family name means in English, Sun Bridge (rainbow).

On the right side of the page is the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo calligraphy written by the Rev. Nippashi of Nipponzan Myohoji, and at the bottom right is the Paradise Psibernetics Symbol under which is my signature/initialing: DCWjr, C.L.U. 1-13-78. This symbol is described as a quadrisected circle in each quadrant being another circle with a dot in the middle of each.

We changed the published schedule to walk through Ojai on the way from Carpinteria to Ventura, adding some miles and walking over 30 miles that day in rain rated at 24 inches in 24 hours that washed out some of the road we walked on. Todd Swan of Peace Awareness Network took video of the walk, as he has at lots of the last decades Rainbow Family Gatherings, all among the footage that can be edited and woven in to the Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage as the theme for a popular television show "The Rainbow Peace Walk TV Show" as per

RAINBOWLOVE * Productions

------begin retyped flyer text:

The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage

Starring the Warriors of The Rainbow (Sun Bridge)

How can we be as one family
until we can all live in peace?
The answer my friend is
in beating on the drum,
beating on the drum 'til paradise.

How can we live as one family
until we can all be at peace?
The answer dear one is
A rainbow from the sun,
A rainbow of love for every one.

How can we walk as one family,
until we can all march for peace?
The answer true one is
Our Hopi dream come true,
A world purified for me and you.

How can we think as one family,
until we can all mind true peace?
The answer dear heart is
in chanting True One Law,
chanting True One Law 'til paradise.


The Great American Peace Pilgrimage (first leg itinerary)

Jan. 15, 1978 Isla Vista to Santa Barbara 18 miles
Jan. 16, 1978 Santa Barbara to Carpinteria 22 miles
Jan. 17, 1978 Carpinteria to Ventura 22 miles
Jan. 18, 1978 Ventura to Camarillo 21 miles
Jan. 19, 1978 Camarillo to Simi Valley 22 miles
Jan. 20, 1978 Simi Valley to San Fernando Valley 22 miles
Jan. 21, 1978 San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica 21 miles

148 miles

-----------end retyped flyer for Great American Peace Pilgrimage

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