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Dance Videos

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Dance into Battle
Uniting God's Army in Worship

DANCE INTO BATTLE portrays the passion of intercessory prayer through choreographed and spontaneous worship dance.  Its lyrics stir the spirit while powerful images engage the warrior into spiritual battle on behalf of the lost and hurting.  Swords flash and flags wave as an army of worshippers beckons the believer into a prophetic expression of the heart of God. A video like no other. Inspirational for the entire family

$20.00 + GST 1.40 + PST 1.60 = $23.00

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I Lift Your Name On High
A Dance and Movement Teaching video for Kids, Teens, Adults. 

Learn to add creative expression to worship through action, movement, sign language and dance.  Songs for devotional worship and praise come alive as Belma Vardy and her company of dancers, age 7 to 15, demonstrate interpretive movement for presentation in churches, through new and traditional dance forms. Truly Inspiring!  Kids and teens love it.

$20.00 + GST 1.40 + PST 1.60 = $23.00

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Devotional Dance Workshop for Adults


A workshop designed to help lead you into deeper intimacy with the Father.  Learn how to express devotion and emotion to Him through movement that uniquely and sensitively reflects your heart, and yours alone to your Heavenly Father.  A unique approach to seeking God through movement in prayer.

$20.00 + GST 1.40 + PST 1.60 = $23.00

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The Biblical Basis For the Celebration of Dance

Movement has meaning!  Learn how dance movements represent Biblical expressions of worship.  Using Scriptural examples, Belma Vardy and 77 dancers explain the purpose of dance in private & congregational worship & discuss the value of dance as a form of prayer.  Dancers demonstrate how choreographed movement can be used in a workshop setting for all ages.  Children's ministry workers, workshop leaders, teachers, missionaries, pastors and worship dancers will benefit..

$20.00 + GST 1.40 + PST 1.60 = $23.00

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Let's Dance

Vibrant, Upbeat, High Energy, Animated, Fun-Filled Music- Guaranteed to get little ones off the couch and into motion!  Choreographed movements take on an air of spontaneity children can easily imitate.  Youngsters get drawn into an intimate relationship with their Saviour through song and dance.   Imaginative and lively, this video incorporates the ever delightful animated Veggie Tales integrated with popular praise music such as Andy Park's "The River is Here".  A video your children will want to watch over and over again.  For ages 2-7. Also includes one adult worship dance and one adult praise dance. 

$20.00 + GST 1.40 + PST 1.60 = $23.00


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Celebration of Dance-CD / Cassette

These songs can be found on the video, "the Biblical Basis for the Celebration of Dance".  A  collection of various styles of original songs sung by Belma herself.  Delightfully refreshing, loved by young and old alike.  Belma also uses this tape as a tool to aid in her teaching. Also available in Cassette

Cassette $12.99 + GST .91 + PST 1.04 = $14.94

CD $18.99 + GST 1.33 + PST 1.52 = $21.84

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Let's Dance-Sing A-Long-Cassette

A cassette with the songs that are on the "Let's Dance" Video.  Sing-A-Long with the music of the kid's Praise Video "Let's Dance".

$9.99 + GST .70 + PST .80 = $11.49

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Songs for Devotional Dance-Cassette

An inspired collection of songs from the devotional dance workshop video designed to help lead you into the Throne Room and Presence of God.

$9.99 + GST .70 + PST .80 = $11.49

Music Book

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Celebration of Dance

Songs your worship team will want to play to help lead the congregation in worship.Can also be used in small group, bible studies,  youth and children's ministries.  Words and music are included in this book.  Easy to follow.

$7.00 + GST .49 + PST .56 = $8.05

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