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Agent Orange - TOP SPEED: 150MPH KERB WEIGHT: 1.7 TONS 0-60MPH: 7.6 SECONDS The mad ex-FBI agent will hunt you down with extreme prejudice if you dare to hit his heavyweight sedan.
Autoscum - TOP SPEED: 220MPH KERB WEIGHT: 0.6 TONS 0-60MPH: 3.6 SECONDS Road-going gang of psychos, muggers and murderers who drive a variety of armored off-roaders.
Mech Maniac - TOP SPEED: 220MPH KERB WEIGHT: 0.4 TONS 0-60MPH: 3.3 SECONDS He's a hi-tech hi-spec speed freak who knows no fear. The Grungebuster is super-quick but super- twitchy, so Mech needs nerves of steel.
Don Dumpster - TOP SPEED: 100MPH KERB WEIGHT: 2.6 TONS 0-60MPH: 14.8 SECONDS Big truck, big guy... no heart. Don's a disgruntled municipal worker and he drives a customized earthmover. Hard, fast & heavy.
Ed Hunter - TOP SPEED: 160MPH KERB WEIGHT: 2.3 TONS 0-60MPH: 9.6 SECONDS Survivalist Ed wants to rid the world of commies. But to him, everyone's a pinko. His armored station wagon's a moving roadblock.
Heinz Faust - TOP SPEED: 160MPH KERB WEIGHT: 3.0 TONS 0-60MPH: 7.6 SECONDS Teutonic Heinz has a supercharged superheavy sport coupe with go-anywhere tank tracks... don't get caught in his path!
Firestorm - TOP SPEED: 100MPH KERB WEIGHT: 2.1 TONS 0-60MPH: 8.9 SECONDS Crazed chem worker firestorm stole a company tanker and took to racing. The rig is big and the driver is brutal.
The Brothers Grimm - TOP SPEED: 230MPH KERB WEIGHT: 1.2 TONS 0-60MPH: 4.2 SECONDS The funereal funsters will deliver you straight to hell in style with their nitrous snorting hot-rod hearse.
Hammerhead - TOP SPEED: 210MPH KERB WEIGHT: 2.0 TONS 0-60MPH: 6.6 SECONDS Hammy thinks he's a superhero, but actually he's just another nut. He drives his own twisted creation with demented zeal.
Halfwit Harry - TOP SPEED: 170MPH KERB WEIGHT: 1.9 TONS 0-60MPH: 9.4 SECONDS Harry will try to win at any cost, so he can lavish the winnings on his pet pig, Squealer. Best stay out of his way if you can.
Ivan the Bastard - TOP SPEED: 150MPH KERB WEIGHT: 1.4 TONS 0-60MPH: 9.4 SECONDS With a Ukraine-manufactured monster truck and a Vodka-manufactured hangover, Ivan's black mood makes him a dangerous competitor.
Kutter - TOP SPEED: 280MPH KERB WEIGHT: 1.1 TONS 0-60MPH: 4.1 SECONDS He takes great pleasure in causing pain, and seems curiously keen to receive punishment in return. Who are you to argue?
wanda lust top speed: 210mph kerb weight: 1.1 tons 0-60mph: 6.7 seconds she's mean, lean, and she's got a killing machine. wanda's lust is primarily for blood - yours.
juicy jones - 170mph 1.9 8.9 this man loves oranges, but because of his ott suspension he tends to spill orange juice everywhere.
otis p jivefunk - 180mph 1.8 7.7 king cool, the laidback lord lowriders is, however, inclined turn into slavering lunatic if cat gets it's paintwork scratched.
psycho pitbull - 160mph 2.0 9.1 like rabid scrapyard dog, he'll come baying your engine oil. catches you... hamburger time.
screwie lewie - TOP SPEED: 220MPH KERB WEIGHT: 1.7 0-60MPH: 6.4 wacky guy favors 'supercar/monster truck/light aircraft/mole machine' mode transport. he's about as insane they come.
burly shirley - TOP SPEED: 170MPH KERB WEIGHT: 1.9 TONS 0-60MPH: 9.4 SECONDS halfwit harry's sister devoted squealer pet pig (and has same single figure iq).
stella stunna - 230mph 1.0 4.5 stella's herself wired battery her super sleek racer, she says it gives an extra buzz... enough said.
stig o'sore - 150mph 11.6 stig knows that what car lacks in speed, more than makes up strength durability. thinks beautiful.
madam scarlett - 270mph 4.1 behind wheel one fastest cars on circuit, she'll take breath away... good.
ed 101 - 280mph 0.9 4.2 ed blew fuse went psycho. crazed android stole prototype prized racing coupe order cause high-speed carnage.
val hella - 1.3 5.5 self-crowned queen race scene, chariot aptly equipped with mounted blades.
vlad - 420mph 2.2 for vlad, not winning, taking apart counts. this car's speed unbeatable... just don't try corner it.