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BACKGROUND: Carmageddon II is the stunning sequel to what many would consider is the world's best driving game, but this time it's bigger and better, and this time it's personal. It's not about manic driving this time, it's about cold calculated skill. This time Max Damage is clinically insane. They have to run for their life, you have to drive for yours. It's 'bump n' grind' time again kiddies - buckle up!
FEATURES: More action packed missions to conquer! Smooth as you like - 3D card enhanced - new improved slick graphics New cars which crumple, break up and split in two and with windscreens which smash up Fully smashable environments with glass windows and small buildings to drive though Bumpers break and swing from the car, doors fly open (new opportunities for culling!) Drone cars which obey the normal rules of the road Intelligent polygonal pedestrians and aliens - run away, beg for mercy, commit suicide, limbs come off Greater variety of pedestrians Fantastic effects, particles, blood spraying, dirt etc. New secret bonus areas New and improved frame rate and resolution Support: out of box support for 3DFx and complete Microsoft D3D support
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows '95/'98 P166 Software P133 Accelerated version (3Dfx Glide with D3D) 32MB RAM Quad speed or higher CD-ROM Sound Blaster compatible Sound Card