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Harris Family Tree

Alfred Bingham Harris was born on March 18, 1844 to Elisha John Harris(Harrisburg PA) and Adelia Ann (Keys)Clark(Woodstock Ontario, Canada). Alfred married on September 23, 1868 in Saltfleet Ontario to Eliza Ann Mogg(Somerset England) They had nine children :
1(c) Adelia Ann Harris born Sept 1, 1869 and she died Jan. 3, 1873 age 3 years.
2(c) Alfred John Harris born March 13, 1872 he married March 8 1898 in Nelson township to Caroline Mae Forester. They had 6 children . Alfred died November 25 1957.
3(c) Ernest L. Harris born May 3, 1874 he married Dec. 9, 1879 in Burlington Ontario to Georgina Maud Gage. They had 9 children together: Henry, Margaret, Elsie, Irene, Mary, Ernest, John, Thomas, and the last one is unknown. Ernest died July 12 1954.
4(c) Emma Leana Harris born April 25, 1876 she married on Sept. 18 1892 in Hamilton Ontario to William Johnston. They had 6 children: Bill, Maude, Alfred, Elizabeth, Harold, Thomas. Emma died in 1958.
5(c) Ella Maud Harris born July 28,1878 she married twice the first was in East Flamboro on Oct. 4 1908 to Arthur Henry Harris. They had 3 children: Lloyd, George, Ethel. The second marriage to Martin Williamson in Waterdown. They had 5 children: Agnes Edna, Emma, Bob, Marion. Ella died Oct. 30 1939.
6(c) Mary Areminta Harris born Sept 20 1880 she married Alexander Milne in Hamilton Ontario on June 25, 1902. They had 6 children. Mary died on March 29, 1919.
7(c) William Wallace Harris born July 28, 1882 he maried in Hamilton Ontario on Nov. 12, 1913 to Daisy Susan Summers. They had 3 children: Oliver, George, William. Welleane died March 26, 1949.
8(c) Sarah Ann Matilda Harris born Nov. 29, 1884 she married twice due to a fatal accident of her first husband leaving her with 5 young children to raise. Her first husband was Charles Robert Easton they married on Oct. 17, 1906. they had 5 children: Doris, Jean, Evelyn, Isabelle, Jack. Her second marriage was to Carlyle Campbell Browne on Dec 22, 1922. Sarah Ann died on Nov. 25, 1979.
9(c) Robert Edward Harris born Oct. 9, 1889 He married Marguierite Sarah Owen on June 12, 1912. They had 5 children together: James, Ross, Marg, Ruth, Bingham. Robert died on Aug. 28, 1962.
Alfred died on Sept 23, 1907.