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The AirWarrior Community

Gamestorm's AirWarrior INFORMATION PAGE

Gamestorm's AirWarrior Information Page

(After logging in, click on the COMMUNITY Page.)

Whether you are an ace pilot or a novice, the community page is well worth a look. It includes training manuals, tips, and links to the home pages of other squadrons operating in the AirWarrior theatre.

Tips for specific planes. <-- Help learning how to fly that new fighter plane of yours.

WARNING -- This is a 250K File

REMEMBER -- While the AirWarrior software will only allow you to be "officially" affiliated with one squadron at a time, membership in another squadron does NOT preclude your participation in the varioius operations conducted by 113MIA.

Suggestions and comments for this page welcome.

Squad organizing NOW --- JOIN on the ground floor!

Suggestions and comments for this page welcome.

Contact our Communications Center at:
ICQ # 30897171
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