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Gun Camera Films

Here is the film you requested Christopher! Right click the link below and save it to the films folder (inside your Airwarrior folder). The pitiful tank marksmanship at the end makes this fp mission ammusing at the least. I will tell the story of the "Pits of Doom ONE" that makes this so funny at a later time. (Someone email/ICQ me and tell me that you want to hear this story of absurd determination to ANNOY the enemy.) Enjoy...Perry

The Grease Pits of Doom II

Ok, so a natural-born FIGHTER pilot I MAY not be, but here is a good example of how to take out those pesky ack ack anti-aircraft guns with a P-51 Mustang. What to do about pesky enemy Spitfires we will cover in a DIFFERENT
ack ack choo!

Wish all A-26 missions went as well as this one. Eight for eight and a safe rtb for bomber and wingman. Alt 200 feet I drop a bomb and pull up hard. Bandit does neither -- if you ever wondered what the term-of-art "lawndart" looked

A testament to being flexible. I THOUGHT I was going on a dive bombing mission to AF Assassin. I also offer this film for my friend Tate who has emphasized over my objections that all-important art of LANDING! (As you watch your engine oil billow out behind you is NOT the time to try and figure out a quick way to put the plane on the ground -- in one piece =)
Where there's smoke...

More to come soon. Check back! =)

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