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Pictures of Home

These are a few pictures of my home.. It was built almost 30 years ago in the middle of a VERY bare cow pasture. All of the trees/bushes, have been planted since we moved in at that time.. except for a few straggly Mulberry trees. You can see one of them in the next picture in the foreground.. That's a tree! Really!! *LOL.

This BEFORE photo was taken the day we moved in, Dec. 26, 1976

2002 - This is a bare spot next to the driveway where I planted Montbretia bulbs.

July 19, 04.. it's beginning to fill in nicely!

This is where I've planted the bulbs all around a tree stump that's 3 feet across.

July 19, 04.. The old tree stump is now hidden among the flowers.

Sunrise and fog on the Laguna from my field in front of the house.

This is sort of a Memorial Park for all my furkids from over the years. Each tree is planted over the burial place.

AJ peeking out of the upstairs window.

Studio on the right. Photo taken from deck of house.

AJ heading over to where we tilled area for veggie garden.

Mock Orange trees in full bloom. The over-abundance of rain this year (2005)has everything bursting in flowers

This is a pink Flowering Maple that was a gift from my kids in 2001. It's sits outside the front door of the studio. (2003)

Just to prove that once in awhile there truely IS snow here in the North Bay of Calif.(about 2001)

The garden is making a comeback after all the rains we had this year (2005). Most the the new seedlings had been washed away.

Entrance to the inside yard with the studio in the background.

The following pics are of the inside of the studio.

The charcohl drawings are my furkids, past and present.. and nope, I didn't draw the pics.. I had them done by a young man and he copied them from snaphot photos.

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Updated August 16, 2005