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Vote For Toby Keith

Links for voting for TOBY! Vote on EACH of them! :o)

Vote for TOBY in the Top 10 Charts
Vote for TOBY'S video
Vote for TOBY on CMT
Vote for TOBY on CMT Most Wanted Live
Vote for TOBY on GAC
Vote for TOBY for the FlameWorthy Award

Toby Keith is an exceptional entertainer who has been performing for his fans since way before his recognition from Nashville. He gives of himself 100%. He isn't afraid to stand up and/or risk his life to bring a little happiness into the lives of his fellow brothers and sisters (The American Soldiers). He is a christian and lives by the same morals that he represents in his interviews. His music is comical at times and serious at times, but entertaining ALL THE TIME.

So please vote for him: his songs, his cd's, his videos, his tours! As long as he is on top of the charts his wife will continue to let him outta the house to do his concerts and we will continue to get to see him onstage! :o)