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Toby Keith...From The Eyes Of A Warrior

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Toby Keith came into the lives of the country music fans in early 93'. Since then he has touched the hearts of several people with his music and his smile.

Today Toby Keith is the reigning Academy Of Country Music's Entertainer Of The Year. he has sold over 13.5 million albums and has yet another album due out later this year. In the past decade he has had 16 #1 songs and 12 of his 16 #1 songs were self~penned. He was named the 2002's #1 concert-ticket seller in country music by Pollstar and the most successful country artist of the new century by United Stations Radio Network.

Toby's No, 1 Hits include...

Toby song's that reached the top ten.

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Keep in mind that Toby Keith is an EXCELLENT performer and will continue to add to the list of top ten hits as well as the list of awards so please visit this page often, and feel free to email me if you can think of anything that needs to be added to this page.

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