Cruiser took a good look around the room as he stepped inside. Of the two lamps, one was burned out. The roaches scattered as the other lit up, but there was nothing larger that ran away. It had one up on some of the rooms he'd stayed in.

There was a woman on either side of him – Linda and Mary, if he remembered correctly. Funny how all these gook whores had easy-to-pronounce American names. Linda – or Mary? - leaned in to kiss Cruiser's neck before she walked to the air conditioning unit and turned it on. It rattled loudly as it came to life, and blew hot air for a few seconds before cooling. He could feel it from where he stood.

She smiled as she turned and locked eyes with him, but didn't move away from the window unit. He couldn't remember which one she was, but decided that from that point on, she was going to be "Linda." That made the girl still standing next to him "Mary."

He watched out of the corner of his eye as Face shut the door behind him and locked it. Even drunk, he realized something was missing, and he looked around. "Where's Murdock?"

Face had to unlock his mouth from his girl's in order to answer. "He stayed in the bar." Face gave him a funny look. "You just realized that?"

Fuck, Cruiser wasn't babysitting Murdock. Hell if he knew when he'd decided to fall behind, or why. Hell if he cared, as long as he wasn't going to get himself killed. Cruiser didn't want to have to explain that shit to Hannibal. Luckily, a bar in Bangkok was probably one of the safest places the pilot had been since the States.

Mary's hands on his chest, through his fatigues, brought his mind back to more important things. He pulled her in and stepped forward, forcing her backwards towards Linda – and towards the dresser. His lips closed over hers, his tongue penetrating deep into her mouth as his hands slid up under her flimsy shirt. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Linda strip her shirt in one fluid motion. Nothing under it. Good. Less shit to get in his way.

Linda moved behind him and leaned in to kiss the back of his neck. As her hands slid around his hips to press against the front of his pants, they came into contact with Mary's. He leaned his head back with a throaty groan as both girls groped him through the jeans.

"You like? Tough guy?"

He wasn't sure which of them had said that, and he didn't care. "Fuck yeah, I like." He could feel himself hardening, pressing up and tenting his pants.

He stepped out from between them – it took a hell of a lot of self-control – and smiled wolfishly as he turned to face them. He reached up with both hands and pushed their heads together. "Play with each other."

A moment of hesitation, then Linda smiled shyly as she stepped forward and brushed a light kiss with the other girl. Cruiser smiled, and licked his lips as they made full contact, hands roaming. His eyes never left them, drinking in the sight of their slow exploration. As they stripped each other, one article of clothing at a time, he was shedding the weapons that were stashed beneath his clothes. Placing the arsenal on the dresser, piece by piece, his eyes scanned up and down their naked bodies as they pinched and pulled and teased and touched. He ran his tongue over his teeth and reached for the bottle of tequila, taking a long drink.

"You only watch, tough guy?" Mary taunted, a hint of challenge in her tone. "No fucky fucky?"

He snorted with laughter as they both smiled, turning toward him and striking an enticing pose. "Oh, don't worry." He came in close, and each hand found a breast on either girl. His rough, demanding kiss was to Mary first, then Linda. "We're gonna fucky fucky all night long if I got anything to say about it. And since I'm the one footing the bill," he smiled wickedly, "I guess that means I got everything to say about it."

Both of them grinned as they pressed into him on either side, grinding their hips on his. As he slid his hands around their waists, he leaned in to kiss Linda's neck, equal amounts of teeth and tongue. There were hands on his T-shirt, pulling it up, and hands pulling at his belt. He turned to kiss Mary as her warm, delicate fingers slipped inside of his pants, beneath his boxers, and slowly stroked his cock. He could feel himself swell in her hand, and he groaned loudly. That felt so fucking good…

He raised his arms, letting them pull the shirt up over his head. As he lowered his hands again, one moved to grope Linda's ass. The other found its way down to Mary's crotch, and he traced his fingers through her fine pubic hair as he kissed her, continuing down until he found her wet folds. He didn't hesitate, shoving his fingers deep inside her and smiling in satisfaction as she grunted at the rough, demanding intrusion. But she didn't try to pull away. She leaned forward, against his chest, and ran her tongue in circles over his exposed nipple.

He was hard, already feeling the urge to thrust against the expert hand that was manipulating him inside of the pants. Slowly, he withdrew his fingers from the wet heat and turned, smiling, as he raised them to the other girl's lips. His heart missed a beat as she tipped her head forward to lick and suck the quickly-cooling juices off of his hand.

"You want sucky?"

Cruiser pulled his hand from Linda's lips and tangled his fingers in Mary's hair, his hand coming to a rest at the base of her neck. He didn't look at her as he pushed her firmly down to her knees. "Fucking hell yes."

The warmth and wetness of the young girl's mouth made his eyes slide closed involuntarily, and he took in a deep breath before he looked down at her, on her knees with his cock deep in her throat. God damn, she was good at that. Hardly even a flinch, no preparation whatsoever, and he was buried to the hilt with her tongue massaging him, lips pulling on him.

Kisses on his neck. He moved his legs ever so slightly so that the pants that were caught at mid-thigh would fall to his ankles. Delicate fingers traced tiny circles around his nipples, and the girl standing beside him smiled as she ran her tongue along his collarbone. "You very nice..."

He laughed at the admiration, the way her eyes ran over him appreciatively. A wicked smile crossed his face as he reached up and grabbed her chin. "No," he corrected, his voice hoarse with desire. "I'm very bad."

She groaned as he plunged two fingers deep inside of her, exploring as far as he could. Holding him for balance, she raised her leg and rested it on Mary's shoulder, giving him open access. He smiled.

The smile faded as his eyes slid closed involuntarily. The warm, wet, tight sucking on his cock was accompanied by a warm hand, gently fondling his balls. He shut his eyes hard as he resisted the urge to thrust. Too soon. He didn't want to come yet. He put a hand in her hair and pulled her back.

"That's enough," he growled, deep in his throat. But he kept her down, on her knees. He liked her there. After a moment of hesitation, she leaned in to kiss the crease of his thigh, warm kisses exploring upward towards his abs. He let her go, let her continue. With one hand now free, he reached for the bottle again and he took another long drink of the tequila.

Nails were raking lightly down his back, along his spine. Linda's warm mouth was moving over his shoulder, moist breath all the way down his biceps. He clenched his fist, hardening the muscles in his arm, and the girl cooed softly as she planted light kisses against his skin. "You strong."

"You like that?" He smiled wolfishly at her, setting the bottle aside again. His hand went straight to her crotch, his thumb pressing her clit as his fingers found her pussy again.

She moaned, pressing down on his rough hand, urging him to continue. "Me like."

He shoved his finger deep into her, sliding in and out of her. As she dug her nails into his back, he inserted another finger, forcefully. He could feel the lust burning in his veins, adrenaline flowing. An animalistic and primal desire, a need to conquer and to dominate… He licked his lips as he handled her roughly, more than pleased when she winced at the pain.

"You like?" she asked. There was hopeful pleading in her voice. Just a hint of fear. His heart beat faster.

"I definitely like."

She turned to cast a glance over her shoulder at the bed, a blatant suggestion although she didn't speak. He smirked slightly, and nodded his approval. Immediately, she lowered her foot from Mary's shoulder and ran her nails all the way down his back - from his neck all the way to his ass - before she pulled out of reach. Eyes locked firmly on his, she stepped back slowly until the back of her legs hit the foot of the bed. She didn't wait for an order before she climbed up onto the bed, leaning back against the headboard, and parted her legs wide, hands on her knees. His eyes never left her, and he felt his cock twitch as he stared at her, open and waiting for him.

His hand tangled into Mary's hair again, and he pulled her up without looking at her. He turned towards the bed as he pushed her forward. "Continue," he ordered. Whether they understood the word or not, he was pretty sure he'd made himself pretty clear. Mary looked up at him, and with a slow smile she turned crawled between the other girl's open and inviting legs.

He leered at their activities as he slowly bent down and undid his boots. He managed to pull them off and strip his pants and boxers off completely without taking his eyes off of the two girls who were so busy pleasuring each other, they didn't even seem to notice him. An exaggerated moan, clearly fake, made him smile. Without thought, his hand drifted to his cock, stroking himself slowly and evenly.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Face was pushing himself up off of the other bed. He couldn't have cared less what Face was doing or why, until he realized with some amusement that the two girls on the bed had attracted his attention as well. He sat up, leaned over to whisper something to the girl on the bed with him, then stood and took two steps to the bed where Linda and Mary were engaged. Startled by the intrusion, Linda barely had a chance to take a breath before Face took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and held her still as he kissed her deeply.

Cruiser's smile grew as he watched Face, kissing and fondling the two whores. Damn if it wasn't hot. They would submit to anything, do anything, let anything be done to them. His own private porn show. He had to slow his stroking to maintain his control as Face slid a hand behind the girl's neck, holding her still as he possessed her. Fucking beautiful. As Linda's hands cupped around Face's shaft, pulling and stroking him firmly, Cruiser's tongue ran over his lips subconsciously.

Tiny, slender fingers came to rest on his shoulders, and the heat of a woman's breasts pressed against his back as Face's girl massaged his shoulders firmly. Cruiser's eyes slid closed almost involuntarily as he felt the tension ease away, his hand still moving slowly up and down.

His breathing deepened as he watched the show the three of them put on just for him, kissing and touching and stroking their hands over each others' bodies. It didn't matter to him that the sounds both women made were loud and exaggerated, clearly forced. The sight and sound and smell and taste in the air all screamed sex, and he could feel his blood racing at the mere thought of what it would feel like buried inside of the wet opening that was enticing him as Mary bent over to kiss the inside of the other woman's thigh, positioning herself just perfectly.

"You hot," the woman behind him whispered into his ear, right before she blew a stream of cool air across his shoulders. She leaned in and kissed the back of his neck. "You so horny. Yes?"

He smiled, but didn't answer, letting his hand stroke slowly as he watched Face pull Mary up and into a slow, deep kiss, thrusting against Linda's hands as she milked him slowly, expertly.

"You want fuck her," the girl whispered. "You do. You like."

He chuckled quietly, and glanced over his shoulder at her. She smiled as their eyes met, and he gestured to the dresser. "Bring me that bottle, will you?"

As she stepped away, Cruiser rested his knee on the bed and came in behind Mary, leaning forward until he rested his chest on her back. His engorged cock found her opening easily, and he plunged into her in one hard, fast motion. She squealed, shocked by the sudden intrusion, and Face put a hand on her shoulder to keep her steady as the force of Cruiser's thrust pushed her into Linda.

"Don't move." Face's voice, a firm order, sounded a million miles away.

"Oh, fuck yeah." So hot… So fucking hot and wet…

Using one arm for support, the other groped a breast. Face had a hand in Mary's hair, pulling her head back until their eyes met. Cruiser watched them out of the corner of his eye as he lost himself in the warmth of sensation.

"Go down on her," Face ordered her.

The words brought back the mental picture, and Cruiser's breath caught as he almost lost it right then and there. He pulled back, away from the heat, and took a few deep breaths to regain his composure, holding the tip of his penis just outside of her. The third girl was standing beside the bed with the bottle of tequila. He smiled as he sat up, reaching out a hand to take it from her.

Face used the hand in Mary's hair to push her head down until she made contact with Linda's exposed pussy. With his finger over the bottle opening, Cruiser let a tiny trickle of liquor fall over Mary's back, and bent down to catch it with his tongue before it ran down past her shoulders. Bent over her again, he slid back into her tight, hot sheath. Her gasp was as genuine as it was satisfying. He trickled the tequila over her shoulders again, leaning down to lick it from her salty skin as he buried himself to the hilt, rocking his hips back and forth, groaning with pleasure.

Passing the bottle to Face, Cruiser watched with interest as Mary turned her head to kiss and lick the inner folds. Watching her was erotic in and of itself. Realizing that he was setting the rhythm of her tongue's stroking by the force and time of his thrusts was even better. More tequila poured onto Mary's shoulders - this time by Face - and Cruiser didn't hesitate to lick it up.

Drunk and dizzy, he faded in and out of focus. Inside of one, kissing the other, more liquor, sucking, kissing, thrusting. Linda's mouth on his neck, rocking as Face thrust into her from behind… Mary's mouth around his cock as she took all of him in and down her throat… He groaned. He was in heaven. The warm, pleasurable sensations coursing through his body were quickly getting the best of his control.

He found Linda's pace – the one that Face was setting – and moved his hips in time. As he tipped his head, he caught her mouth. Bodies, mouths, arms all joined, they moved as one. The sensations in his groin were becoming more and more uncontrollable as he thrust his tongue deeply into Linda's mouth.

There was a hand on the inside of his thigh and he groaned as it moved up slowly, caressing along the crease of his thigh, then moving down to cup him. She squeezed gently, and he felt a stab of pleasure. "Oh, fuck yeah…"

His breathing was starting to catch as the sweet massage around his swollen cock intensified. He dropped his hands to the bed, grabbing the blanket in his fists as he let the girls take over. It was a strange sort of submission to the roaming hands, the warmth and wetness, the rhythm of the deep, powerful thrusts. He was drunk. He couldn't even keep track of who was where anymore. And he didn't care.

A woman over him raked her nails across his chest. One beside him held his shoulder for support. Another had a hand between his legs in a rhythmic squeeze, release, roll pattern on his balls. They tightened as he felt his control slipping through his fingers. Warmth and wetness and beautiful tightness. Nails in his chest, tequila still on his tongue, gentle, slender fingers manipulating him expertly.

At the flash of pain under the fingernails in his chest, he felt his muscles tighten. His fists choked the covers, knuckles white, breathing all broken groans of pleasure as he felt himself go over the top. No longer in control of his body, he laid there with muscles twitching as he came… and let the hell of the world around him fade to nothingness.

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