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(Per)version of a Truth

===Last Updated 09/23/05===

haven't received feedback so i think this is slowly dying...updated the answers below...weird what can happen in less than a month

name: Eric
age: 20
height: 5'10"
hair color: blonde
eyes: blue
location: Oklahoma
college major: Secondary Pre-Education (although, these plans are on hold for now)
hobbies: xanga, movies, games, random shit
favorite colors: Dark colors, relaxing colors
things of interest: cooking / politics / music / stand-up comedy
things of love: my brother Trey / my friends / smell of fresh rain & fresh cut grass
things of hate: uncomfortably cold or hot temperatures / closed or narrow minds / intolerance / being used / liars
tv shows of interest: what's television?
movie genre likes: action, horror, drama, comedy
facts: easily annoyed / easily bored / easily distracted / prefers people who act their age and not their height
aim: tanookie5663
yahoo: sainthatred2003


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