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Which Office programs are right for you?
Men's and women's bathrooms: (c) Rosanne Olson/The Image Bank/Getty ImagesSee what programs and features are in each edition of Office 2003.
Woman smiling with her arm on a monitor: (c) Corbis
Guide for nonprofits: Free Office tools, tips
No budget? No problem, if you use Office Online.
Today on Office Online
Calendar date circled: (c) Comstock
Calendars for 2005
Choose from several styles and designs.
Woman frozen at computer: (c) Warren Morgan/Corbis
Working in Excel? Freeze!
Demo: Keep column names in sight even when you scroll.
Woman with phone headset on: (c) Steve Cole/Masterfile
Download a trial of Office Communicator 2005
Connect in real time via PC-to-phone, IM, and more.
Demo: Business processes in VisioShapes II: Position and group shapesRequires Office 2003Visio 2003 Trial
Template MarketplaceProduct info
Periodic table of the elements (US units)Requires Office 2003Visio providersVisio 2003 information
Office Marketplace
Product information
Pointing at document: (c) CorbisCreate high-impact, professional documents
Build complex documents with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
Compare Office Editions: (c) MicrosoftCompare old and new versions of Office
Find out what's different in the latest versions.
For IT professionals
Man reading: (c) JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/CorbisNew Solutions Planning Guide
Download and read this guide to help your organization adopt the EPM Solution.
Looking through binoculars: (c) John Lund/Tiffany Schoepp/Blend Images/Getty ImagesWhere's the resource kit?
It's here — visit the Office Resource Kit site for tools and helpful information.
For developers
Top 5 SharePoint Portal Server support issues
Office Update
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