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MTX Records, founded in 2001 by Shawn Cowett and Jason Salvatori, started like anything does, from nothing. But soon after countless hours of begging and pleading and hard labor, we finnaly put together our own little studio. Featuring an 8 track recorder, one mixing board and equalizer. Shawn had dubbed the band, N.A.S. (Nerve Atenuation Syndrome). After two very unsuccessful EP's, Jason took some time off to persue other projects. While shawn still stayed, glued to the fledgling label, spending hour after hour tuning and refining his sound, he decided to give up on his own career and help others. And so N.A.S. was put on the back burner for nearly three years. Until, in the Winter of 2005, Shawn happened across two struggling musicians. Philip Geary and Eli Followell. They are still looking for other members, but, as i always say, "You have to sift through the shit, to find the gold." But checkback often for updates.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more.





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