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...Shop and Help SSR.....

Do you shop on-line? If you do you can help us!! By clicking on the following links, you can shop, and make a donation to SSR at the same time!! Thank You SoOoOo much!!

You can shop at hundreds of well known stores, such as Old Navy, Barns and Nobel, Amazon, JCPENNYS, Toy R Us, and hundreds more!! You get a lower price, and SSR get up to 26% of the amount you spend donated!

Go to and when you place your order on toys for your bestfriend, put that you were refered by Southland Shepherd Rescue, and we will get 15% of what you paid on your order donated to us!!! PLUS, if you donate any toys to rescues, you save! Donate one you get 5% off your order, Donate two and you get 10%!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!