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Money Stuff - Buying A Second Hand Car

Buying a Second Hand Car

Are you looking to buy a second hand car but are worried about dodgy deals? Then we have the answers for you! Although the car may look in top condition there may be certain pitfalls that as a buyer you may not be aware of! As a first time car buyer check out our links, jam packed with ways to avoid getting cheated! POSSIBLE PITFALLS: - There could be problems with the car - The previous owner could've done a high number of km on the car. - The previous owner may not have finished paying it off, and you could get stuck with the debt. - The registration may have expired. - The car could be old and beaten up and not worth what you are paying. TO AVOID POSSIBLE PITFALLS - Acquire the registration, insurance and servicing papers from the previous owner also any receipts from when the car was purchased. - Get the car serviced by a mechanic. - Shop around for good quality and good price. - Get a safety check report (pink slip) - Get proof that the person selling the car is the real owner. Get your finances sorted first. If you decide to buy a car check out the interest rates charged by different banks, credit unions, finance companies and other lenders. Most car dealers will offer to arrange finance for you, but you will probably do better elsewhere. SCAMS Car dealers will use all sorts of tricks to try and get you to but now. The fact is that once you leave a card yard the dealers chances of making the sale go down. So be prepared and shop around to get an idea of prices. Sales lines that should put you on guard. - This car won't be here tomorrow - I will have to see if my manager will approve of this offer. - We have a buyer for your trade-in. HOW TO AVOID A SCAM - Say no now, decide later. - Make decisions in your own time. - Avoid up front payments. - Research the person and the offer. - Always get their name, contact number, written quote or offer, license number and ABN. If any problems arise or for more information call the Fair Trading on 13 32 20 PRIVATE BUYING - Set a maximum price and don't go above it - Remember to bargain and negotiate - Check when the registration runs out - Check km - Don't forget to get the car inspected before you buy it INSPECTIONS - A safety check report (pink slip) tells you that a car is safe to drive. - You will need an inspection service by a qualified mechanic. This will tell you what kind of shape the car is in. - An inspection is generally the last precautionary step you take before purchasing the vehicle. - An inspection may reveal hidden problems that the car currently has or may develop. - It is a must do if you are buying privately, or where no warranty is offered. IMPORTANT - IF YOU CHOOSE TO BUY PRIVATELY YOU WON'T GET ANY WARRANTY AND YOU WILL NEED TO CHECK FOR CLEAR TITLE YOURSELF. R.E.V.S THE REGISTER OF ENCUMBERED VEHICLES CAN HELP YOU WITH THIS CERTIFICATION.