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Guide to setting an aquarium up...

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Guide to setting your tank up

When setting up the tank remember to wash the tank out well - BUT DON'T USE SOAP!!! Use a hose and clean the rocks, gravel, filters etc. and sides of the tank with help from a brush or your hand. After the tank is clean and you have selected a stool or table to place it on, make sure that the surface is flat so the tank wont break when water is added. If the surface is not flat then use polystyrene under the tank to prevent the tank from breaking.

After the tank is in position fill the tank with water from the hose (try to aim it at the side of the tank to bounce the chlorine off) and after it is full leave it for about 24 - 36 hours. This way you will be sure to have no chlorine in your tank. Some breeders use a chlorine remover which only takes a few hours or so to work. These can be found at your local fish store. You can also test your pH to determine whether it is in good condition for fish. Place your tank in a good place so that you look at it in a more facinating way. Ideas like building it into a wall so that people from both sides of the wall can see it are much better rather than on a stool or stand.